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ICOminter | Earn Free Cryptocurrency

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Main features of ICOminter includes:
✔️ Earns free token (BONES) by watching video ads, inviting friends or completing surveys.
✔️ Hold the tokens as an investment.
✔️ Convert your tokens to gifts & cash.
✔️ Make profit from your mobile device.
✔️ Many other methods to earn free tokens.
✔️ Integrated crypto wallet which can be used for other popular cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or fiat currencies (Dollars, Euros).

Welcome to ICOminter – the easiest way to earn free cryptocurrency tokens, gifts, money and many many more right on your Android smartphone or tablet.
ICOminter is a new simple and free cryptocurrency mining app for you and your whole family. The best thing about this cryptocurrency miner app is that you can earn free money, gifts and even cryptocurrency tokens without doing many things, you need just to install our app, and we will take care of the rest. YES, you don't have to do anything except making some basic things like watching video ads, completing some offers, entering the draw, inviting friends or even mining on your Android smartphone and you will get paid directly once you reach a specific amount of tokens. Not only that! You can also get real gifts with your tokens for Free and you will receive them to your door without paying anything.
Our app is 100% legit and free, we reward you tokens for some daily tasks. After doing those tasks you will earn some tokens that you can easily redeem them into real money or products.

Why choose to earn free cryptocurrency and cash rewards with ICOminter instead of other cryptocurrency mining apps?

★ Easy ★
✓ We have a very Easy Interface to use, so everyone can use it simply without watching any tutorial.
✓ Make money online by creating a free account on our cryptocurrency miner app. But, ensure that you have an internet connection as we can deliver the best offers to you.

★ Free ★
✓ Our Money making app is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there are No hidden fees, no special memberships, and no annual subscription. Everything is free here!

★ Fast ★
✓ We have designed our app to let you, your family and your friends make extra cash fastly and without complications.

★ Easy tasks ★
✓ You don't have to do hard things in order to earn money in our money making app because we simplified everything for you. To earn tokens, you will have to do some basic things like:
- Complete a survey on relevant topics ( your opinion has value ).
- Spin the Wheel & Win.
- Download a popular app.
- View video ads.
- Rapid mining ( 5 min).
- inviting friends.
- Enter the draw.

★ Secure ★
✓ Our developer's team made this app secure and no one can steal your tokens once you get them.

What are you waiting for? Download ICOminter - Earn Free Cryptocurrency, cash & gifts now and enjoy the next generation of money making and cryptocurrency mining apps for free!

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Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CellBONES

Feel free to contact us from here: https://icominter.com

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ICOminter | Earn Free Cryptocurrency

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