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Kids Computer 2 - Educational Activity
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The game is an Educational app with Alphabet & Numbers Learning and also about shape and toy and animal activity games of entertaining for kids to learn with laptop.

Kids Computer games teaches your child how to write the alphabets words letter by letter in a easy way with our intelligent keyboard.Kids Computer is an learning Game for any 2-5 years kids with multiple types of entertaining game that helps children to learn.

This Computer or laptop objects of play, generally designed for children.Kids love the cartoons and animation so we have make our design on cartoon themes.

We include lots of educational activities that will increase your child skills in learning new things using the mobile phone in a fun way.

In this preschool game kids will learn alphabets,learn numbers, learn about animals,learn about colors, learn about flowers, learn about fruits, learn about different musical instruments, learn body parts, learn the name of the shapes, learn about the universe, learn vegetables, learn about various vehicles and much more.

Here each activity has separate learning objects so kids entertained while they are learning.Kids Computer game also have good sound effect for kids.


- Free game for any 2-3 years old kids
- Learning with hilarious sound.
- 8 Engaging games
- Computer like real toy
- Children can learn from various activities without reading skills.

This application is free to play and learn about how to work computer type of laptop and also included the basic knowledge of education activity for kids and improve his mind skills with play. in this game we include toy alphabets number flower magically object in cartoon of animal and other objects learning with fun.

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Thank you for selecting our Educational app for kids. i hope you enjoy it. if you like our app then give rate us for this app and play with our other free education game.

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Free Educational Games
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Fri May 2018
Kids Computer 2 - Educational Activity

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