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When you are sending your toddler to school and you want him/ her to be prepared with the basics of numbers and alphabets and making the toddler learn things like this would really a tough task. Seeing the pain we have tried to create a game Kids Computer 2 - Educational Activity over which is a funny, interactive and modest way you can make your baby learn the basic alphabets and number learning easy.

One of the adorable game where your baby can learn the basics of numbers and alphabets and then can improve to sentence making as well. Kids Computer 2 - Educational Activity teaches your child how to write the alphabets words letter by letter in an easy way with our intelligent keyboard. Kids Computer is a learning Game for any 2-5 years kids with multiple types of entertaining game that helps children to learn.

This game is unique in its own way as it allows your children to love the maths skills and alphabets skills by fun. Learn by Fun education concept is implemented with Kids Numbers and Math - Add, Sub, Table. The game first makes you learn the basics of mathematics, basics of alphabets, basics of learning.

To make the game fun there comes a loveable and enjoy full music in the background which makes kids attracted to the game thus it makes the learnings very easy. Now to help the ability of learning of the kids there are simple assessments over the game which helps us to learn and understand the value of the learning of numbers and alphabets.

One of the best preschool game it is which helps children to play with numbers, alphabets and learns, to engage children it has different music, cartoon creatures & puzzles which little toddlers can understand and thus can relate and learn to the next level.

Kids Computer 2 - Educational Activity is a FREE game to download for toddlers where you can enjoy and play the game without any hiccups. To start with here are a bunch of activities your baby gonna learn with Kids Computer 2 - Educational Activity


- Free game for any 2-3 years old kids
- Learning with hilarious sound.
- 8 Engaging games
- The computer like a real toy
- Children can learn from various activities without reading skills.
- Educational App
- Free App Download
- No in-app purchase game

If you want us to create more such games such that your kids can learn, enjoy & play do follow us or write us at:

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