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Fast of Clan - Clash Tribe Clan
Eye God


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Racing rank with 130 million people play worldwide? Join the Fast of Clan now, the game challenges gamers to reflex was dubbed the most competitive Game Google Play and Best Android Games 2018!

Discover exotic terrain full of obstacles scary. Choose the most favorite spaceship, make friend and fight together!Take along your friends fast pass obstacles fast and furious. Take all challenges down and build your own super clan!

☆ Wide open mobile game ☆
Join with millions players in an open mobile world! Talk together and ranked play freely against others in this reflection-game!
☆ Make friend ☆
Link directly to 2 of biggest social network, Facebook and Twitter! Make friends and build your own super clan! Be careful tribe clans clash, clan war clan guard off the fight and become super clan.
☆ Strong skills ☆
Upgrade skills for new strength and so many other abilities! Make them bring you to the Victory of glory or co-operate with others to pass the deadly moments! The same team-building super fast clan - super clan 2018. Let's become kings of glory because you deserved this.
☆ Multi-form Spaceships ☆
You wonder which the spaceship can satisfy you? You should wonder how to not be headache when pick it out from 15 different kind of spaceships with many of skins. Don’t be dizziness! Spaceships games spaceships simulator realistic to create a great experience for you.
☆ Leveling ☆
40 levels to reach and infinity mode is on. Keep calm and burn them all!
☆ Easy gameplay ☆
Swipe on the screen or tilt your phone to get your spaceship moved to new position. Left or right, just keep your phone tight!
☆ Non-Stop Action ☆
Is your reflection good we all think? Will you evade or stand to fight back all scary challenges? You will make it out or you spaceship will be wiped out? Just join us!

Fast of Clan is the clash clan fighting game. The clash tribe clan fight really very devastating. Please join now "Fast of Clan"- of game clans - to the same clash tribe clan fighting.


Wed Dec 1969
Eye God
Current Version
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Fri May 2018
Fast of Clan - Clash Tribe Clan

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