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Fire Fall with leaderboard

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The game allows users to enjoy their past time playing an entertaining and exciting
new game that relies on a dodge ball to navigate through a set of stairs and spikes. Fire fall will
appeal to many online games that intend to experience simple and yet challenging puzzle games.
Fire Fall will contain a global leaderboard that sets the position of users based on the points they
have scored. Hence, competitive individuals will enjoy playing Fire Fall as they
establish themselves as the best among thousands of competitors.

Puzzle games have attracted a lot of interest in recent years. Games like Candy crush
have gained a significant following and that shows the public's fascination with games that
involve problem-solving. Fire Fall will have intriguing challenges that stimulate the mind. The application will, therefore, aim to recreate a new way for users to break the
monotony of previous games and experience unique features using their mobile
The game will contain various virtual stairs that contain spaces in-between. The
game will also have spikes spread between the stairs to encourage the players to focus on the
virtual stairs. Fire Fall will enable the users to focus on the dodge ball as it contains sharp colors
that differentiate between the dodge ball and the background. The spikes will retain
a black color to alert the players of the dangers of hitting the features.
Fire Fall will usually start when the game drops the ball over the sequence of stairs.
The ball will descend through gravity and allow the users should immediately start dodging the spikes. The free-fall mechanism will enable the players to concentrate on collecting points by
smashing to the bricks while avoiding the spikes. Players that fail to achieve the set targets will
need to start the game again. Most mobile players will appreciate the game as it will
rely on a few keys.
The users will gain points for navigating the dodge ball to the bottom and smashing the
cubes. Subsequently, they will proceed to the next level where they encounter a new challenge.
The higher levels will contain more complex systems that will pose a challenge to the users. The
higher levels will require better concentration and problem-solving skills to dodge the spikes.
That will ensure that only a few individuals can proceed to the next levels of the game.
Individuals that progress to subsequent levels will have higher rankings and that will allow them
to join the elite group of skilled players in the game. The competitive nature of the
game will provide the motivation required to play the game during free hours.
The game contains additional features such as background colors.
Fire Fall will contain a special feature that
highlights the overall ranking among all the players. The aspect will allow the users to gauge
their skills and abilities with individuals from different parts of the world. The feature will appeal
to competitive players. The simple and yet sophisticated nature of the game will
enable users to enjoy their free time while building their gaming skills.


Wed Dec 1969
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Mon Feb 2020
Fire Fall with leaderboard

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