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Splity : split the shape into equal parts

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Challenge your brain with Splity puzzles, test, and improve your IQ in a fun way !!

The idea of the game is simple:
"Split the shape into equal parts"
But it is not as easy as you think

Brain training is like training the body, the more you train by solving puzzles, the stronger your mind becomes.
What makes this game special is that it combines a brain exercise with a fun puzzle game and an IQ test

The game contains 4 packs: Easy, Medium, Hard, and Very Hard
Each pack contains 30 main and 200 extra levels
Measure your IQ in the main levels and train your brain in extra levels

Can't solve a puzzle?
Not a problem, just click on the hint button to get a free hint
Or watch a video ad for a better hint

It is well known that IQ tests are not accurate and your IQ may vary from test to test
so do not take it seriously, but we have tried to get as close as possible to real IQ.

This game does not contain any annoying ads (no banner no full-screen ads)
except an optional video ad if you need a hint
It does not contain any purchase
It is free, and will be free forever !!

Game features :

- Tricky puzzles
- IQ test
- Hundreds of levels
- No annoying ads
- Relaxing blue design
- Daily usage limiter (optional): In order not to spend a long time on the game
- Share your IQ with friends
- 3 Languages: Arabic, English, French

Are you ready for the challenge? Enjoy!


Wed Dec 1969
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Wed Oct 2020
Splity : split the shape into equal parts

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