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Voice Search 2018 is a speech recognition engine that will depend upon voice to search. Voice search technology allow you to search things through your voice rather than typing them in a search bar. Voice Search 2018 is a voice search app that minimize your searching and bring all the things within seconds across your voice. Voice search app completely depend on your voice and allow you to search anything on your phone by using your voice.With voice, search keyboard speak and it will type message for you as well.

Voice Search 2018 have some unique features like:
** Voice search engine queries
** Clarifying specific request by ok google now
** Requesting specific information with ok google search
** Launching apps and selection option with search by voice
** Voice searching audio & video files

Voice dialing: With voice search speak up about the name of any person in your contact list app will take it out for you can easily make a call
Voice search Apps:Raise your voice to get any app from bulk of apps in your mobile. Get access to them in seconds. Voice search will perform according to voice command.
Voice search history: Voice Search 2018 will maintain a complete searching history according to your voice command and provide you when you need them.
Voice search google maps: With a voice, you can easily get any place from all over the world get its panoramic 3D view and street view by your voice. Voice search on google allows you to make queries on google.
Voice search music: Get this voice search app and search it all with your voice. Access google play music voice recognition with this voice search. It is a voice assistant or a google voice app that perform task according to your voice and search out exactly what you ask to. A voice search expert that perform all.
Voice search browser: With this Voice Search 2018 get access to all the browser voice search fire fox voice search google voice search amazon voice search chrome and so on with your voice.

Voice search setting: Turn off voice search and turn on voice search with your voice. Get access to all voice search song voice search youtube voice search app voice search device etc. all with your voice. Speak and get all.

Bring you mobile close to your mouth press the voice search button and speak up in the speaker of anything you want to search out. Voice search will do it for you by performing actions according to your voice command. It performs exactly like google voice recognizes your voice and search accordingly. Google voice app with voice search by google a google assistant that perform all.
Get this voice control for anything a personal assistant that perform according to your voice. A productivity communication tool that built up a connection between you and your device. Assistant by speaking to it a shortcut access to anything on your mobile. Get this personal assistant for my android and enjoy by giving its voice commands. With google microphone, google sound searches to get it all.

Allow app to access your contacts, gallery, app and microphone for better results


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Voice Search 2018

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