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Cash Budget

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usability improvementsimprovements- ability to use rent receipt on both tablet and phone. Please select tablet as device from "Select Device" option on the top right hand corner while using the tablet version of the app.
 print functionality included
Addition of subscription feature. Please register and get 30 days subscription free. 
Ability to save files to the web. Kindly register and login using the Accounts tab. After login in we would be able to save files to the server and backup data.


Having a good estimation of cash inflows and outflows for an enterprise or an individual is extremely important to understand whether the entity has sufficient credit to survive or whether it should focus on borrowings to bring about stability to its operations.

Cash budget is a simple app that helps you assess the summary of your cash input and output on your device. Thus, the app helps you study how operations, sales, expenditure, interests, loans and other borrowings can affect your ending cash balance. The values will help you identify over trading, stockpiling, over borrowing and other liquidity problems so you may take requisite steps to help mitigate them.


Simple and easy to use interface. Little or no training required.
Prepare a month wise estimate of your cash operations for an entire year.
Provides you with dashboards so you can display and compare bi annual estimates.
Cash input and output categories are customizable so you can change them to suit your business needs.
Locally save your budget as a file, and re-use it with minimal changes.

Simply tap e-mail to send the file to your partners instantly and get feedback from them. Alternatively, you can email them to yourself.

Thus, map and analyze your cash flows and make suitable adjustments with Cash Budget.


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Wed Dec 1969
Aspiring Investments Corp
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Sun Apr 2019
Cash Budget

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