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Police Car Driving Game SIM

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simulator 3D Game Police Car


Welcome to police car driving game sim in 3D. This excellent 3D police car driving simulator with steering wheels game will make you a police driver and mafia transporter and you will enjoy real crime police car game. In this police road driving simulator game you have become a 3D car driver. Here is your chance to become the car driver and keep driving the police car.

The game is all about you driving the police car and reaching the parking area. On reaching 3D parking slot, the criminal and the police men will auto board the car. Drive the car to the police station and complete the level. This is not so easy as it sounds. You have limited time to complete every level. Also you have limited number of lives and each life will decrease on hitting any obstacle. The map is given on the screen so that you can see your source and destination parking slots. The controls of this game are ultra smooth. Also you have the police sirens with you which are of high quality.

Features of Police Car Driving Games Sim:
– Amazing 3D driver game play
– Be the cop chasing the gangster car
– Multiple levels of challenging police car driver
– Realistic 3D police car driver simulator environment

How to play Police Car Driving Games Sim:
– Steering control is provided for changing the direction
– Brake and race pedals for changing speed of vehicle
– Multiple levels

Police Car Driving Game Sim game is waiting for you :
You get multiple levels of entertainment in the 3D car driving simulator game. This police car siren game is a lot fun to play. Face the challenges in your way and complete multiple levels.

Install this police driver in 3D simulator game and become the 3D transporter who can take criminals from one place to another! Be a real 3D car transporter man. If you liked playing Police Car Driving Games Sim then do leave a review for our game.


Wed Dec 1969
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Sat Sep 2019
Police Car Driving Game SIM

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