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Giusto Intonation Training

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Version 1.2 contains: 
- A brand new mode! The Triad difficulty setting is now broken up into two levels - Normal and Expert. Normal is a new, simpler way to tune Triads that’s more accessible for players of all skill levels. For musicians that want a real challenge, though, you can try Expert mode at any time!
- A significantly improved score system for Time Trial mode! Giusto now stores separate Best Times for every combination of Difficulty and Round Number.
- A plethora of bug fixes!


Giusto Intonation Training is a music app which puts your Tuning and Aural skills to the test!

Based on the principles of Just Intonation, players will train their ear by attempting to correctly tune off-key notes in a variety of modes.

A Difficulty Option for Everyone - In addition to Single Notes, test yourself by tuning Intervals and Triads. Take your Intonation training to the next level!

Compete in Time Trials - How fast can you tune the notes? Race against the clock and beat your best time!

Challenge yourself in Score Attack - Earn points and try to score 100%. But be careful - there's no second chances here!

Improve your Aural skills in Training mode - Choose any note, instrument, or difficulty, and learn the basics of intonation.

Designed on the principles of Just Intonation - A system of tuning where each interval is mathematically pure. This results in fuller sounds from instruments and creates levels of consonance impossible with Equal Temperament.

Featuring a wide range of options, Giusto Intonation Training is easy to pick up but challenging enough for a music veteran. Begin your Intonation Training today!

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Sat May 2015
Critical Games
10 - 50
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Sat May 2015
Giusto Intonation Training

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