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We all know how complicated it is to remember all the things you have to buy when making a trip to the market or supermarket. It does not matter if the shopping list is short or long. This app allows you to streamline the creation of the shopping list.

Who has not lost the list of the purchase of their products when writing it down on a sheet of paper? . Who has not ever left the car?. Who has ever forgotten that necessary ingredient for food? Using this shopping list software it is possible to write and check the products in real time.

How many times have we bought the same product repeated? In case they are not perishable products there is no problem, but with products with an established expiration date it may happen that several units have been purchased and will not be consumed. It allows to economize therefore the purchases to be made. Another feature is its marking tool that tells us when we have purchased a product and notifies us of its use.

How many laps have we given in a supermarket looking for products that were in the same area at the end? This software allows you to lighten and optimize the trips through the supermarket grouping the products by type regardless of the type of product.

Do I have a preference for a product that does not exist in the cart?. No problem, it is possible to say the product and brand to add as well as the units or unit of measure for it.

This tool is useful in situations in which we want to plan the purchases of our house or company since it visually indicates the products, quantities and brands to buy


Wed Dec 1969
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Sun Apr 2019
eatnutrifood shopping list

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