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Moral Stories: Short Stories in English with Moral
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If you are looking for an application with the best moral stories in English, you have come just right!

Refresh your life by imbibing the lessons learned from these short stories with good morals

While people are searching various moral stories for kids on the internet, we’ve created this app for you where you can read, learn and enjoy the amazing stories with moral lessons, OFFLINE!

Here are some amazing features to have a look at:

✨ 150+ short moral stories in English!
✨ Internet connection not required!
✨ Tempting design and graphics!
✨ Adjust font size as per your requirement, to make sure that texts are easily readable.
✨ ‘Quick Read’ option to read any story randomly.
✨ ‘Mark as Read’ option will help you to identify which stories are left to read yet!
✨ Tales that will inspire you by teaching important lessons of your life!
✨ Add your favorite story in a ‘Bookmark’ list.
✨ Share a story and inspire others!
✨ Absolutely FREE of cost!

Start bringing a good change in your life by imbibing the lessons learned from these short stories with good morals. No need to hither and thither for a good morality to read out! Directly pick any one from this and make the best use of it. This app is also helpful for those, who want to improve their reading skills.

We have elite some moral stories in English which will teach you the actual facts of living and help you to improve some important things giving life messages when the story wraps up, like, dealing with difficulties in a positive manner, anger management, the priority of social unity, mutual respect, etc.

This app contains different kinds of great short stories with good morals like motivational, witty, inspirational, etc. Some of them are listed here:

➺ Always be truthful
➺ Beware of shrewd neighbours
➺ Horse riding from a book
➺ Cruel fun is no fun at all
➺ Fight always gives bad result
➺ Keep your eyes open
➺ Taste of a dish
➺ One in-hand is worth two in-brush

Wondering how to read these moral based stories in English from this app? Well, here are the steps:

✔ Install the ‘Moral Story’,
✔ Open the application,
✔ Read a story by selecting it of your own choice or by the quick read option,
✔ That’s it! Read stories and feel motivated!

This application contains various short stories with moral values. All the tales are picked so carefully so that you can definitely take some inspiration every time you read from our app.

So if you are a public speaker, you can include any short stories with good morals in your speech from this app as an example, to inspire others!

Or pick any tale as a good night story to tell your kids, so that you and your kids can sleep with some positive energy!

Now you don’t have to search for any moral based stories in English, as you can get it all in this app!

Download it now & become a motivational storyteller!

If you find this app helpful, do share your experience with us!


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Moral Stories: Short Stories in English with Moral

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