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Daily HealthCare Statistics and Fitness Calculator
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Thinking you are overweight? Well! There is no miracle diet that helps you to lose your body fat in a couple of days! But yes, you have to take care of your figure daily!

Learn the important elements of health & fitness with this fitness app with health care statistics! Do it easily anywhere, anytime with this fitness app with health education.

An amazing fitness & healthcare app with fitness calculator to find out how you need to improve your health care according to the reports generated.

🎁 How to check your daily health care statistics at home using this fitness monitor and daily healthcare app?

✔ Download Daily HealthCare Statistics and Fitness Calculator.
✔ Fill your basic details like height, weight, waist, & more along with a goal of weight control.

Your health and fitness will be determined with the calculations in just a few seconds!

🎁 List of Health Statistics you can calculate:

1) What is my BMI?
BMI means Body Mass Index. This BMI calculator with healthcare statistics measures the body fat on the basis of height & weight of a person. This my fitness tracker with BMI calculator counts the tissue mass be it muscle, fat or bone.

2) Ponderal Index
Finds an index of weight in a relationship with height! Similar to the BMI calculator with health care statistics metric, however, it is calculated differently. Here, body mass is normalized with the third power of height than the second power.

3) Body Fat percentage calculator
Body fat calculator estimates the percentage of fat according to your weight. To avoid health problems like heart diseases, diabetes, one must track this.

4) Body Types
Everyone wants an ideal body (Hourglass) shape which describes a person with measurements nearly equal in size & a narrower waist. But some other types are also available such as,

✨ Apple
✨ Banana, or Straight
✨ Pear, spoon, or bell
✨ Hourglass

5) Basal Metabolic Rate
BMR manipulates rate at which the body uses energy when you are resting to perform vital functions like breathing and stay warm. So this BMR calculator helps you to find out your Basal Metabolic Rate.

6) Water Intake Tracker
Depending on your figure size and weight, you must note how much amount of water does your body process in an hour & according to that, you have to manage your daily water intake. So this is an activity tracker for the water intake.

You found your daily healthcare statistics! But, you should also be aware of ideal body measurements of a perfect figure.

🎁 Which factors are very important to measure in order to get a fit body?

1) Ideal Body Weight
To maintain an ideal weight according to age, gender & height is one of the main factors to determine the health and fitness of a person.

2) Waist to Height Ratio
It checks the growth of an individual. This ratio is a simple measurement for assessment of lifestyle risk and healthy weight. So reduce your life risk by using this fitness app with health care statistics.

3) Calorie Counter
This BMI and calories calculator can be used to estimate the number of calories a person needs to consume each day. This calorie burn tracker also provides simple guidelines for weight control.

4) Carb Calculator
As the name suggests, it estimates the percentage of carbohydrates a person should consume every day. What’s your goal? Accordingly, check the daily caloric intake along with the recommended percentage of carbohydrates.

5) Protein Calculator
Very useful for monitoring protein intake of those with kidney or liver disease, diabetes or other situation where the protein intake is considered to be a necessary factor.

Get in shape with this myfitness tracker with BMI calculator which is a daily fitness and health care app and love your physique!

Explore the data of your complete figure with the help of fitness calculator NOW, only with Daily HealthCare Statistics and Fitness Calculator!


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Daily HealthCare Statistics and Fitness Calculator

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