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My Stuff Organizer: For Personal Stuff Management


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Take a look at all the stuff around you! How many things do you own? What price did you pay for it? When did you buy it? Is it still in warranty?

✨‘My Stuff Organizer’✨ is the answer to all these questions!

Well! We all are surrounded with a lot of things at our home, office, or any other place. Personal Stuff management is really needed! Many a times, it might have happened that we have gathered so much stuff that we lack spaces to put the new things we bought. Isn’t it? Time to get organized!

We’ve got a hack for you! Now with this personal organizer, you can easily keep a track of all your personal, professional, study or any other things with My Stuff Organizer application.

◇ But the question is, why would you want to do that?

Stuffocation! It might have happened that you are unaware of the properties or items that you own and encountered them when you were cleaning your closet, drawer or desk. It is better to practice personal asset management by keeping a record of the items you own. Add correct details with it and know since how long you have been using it, if in case, you want to replace it something new in future.

✨ Get some organizing tips as mentioned with this Personal Stuff management app?

🎁 Easily keep a track of all your stuff with our application
🎁 Get to know your stuff age
🎁 Add the price you paid for it
🎁 Add the Purchase Date
🎁 Add Warranty details
🎁 Additional details inside
🎁 Add your favorite things
🎁 That too with this absolutely FREE application!

Shopping these days is a common hobby of many, but with that, you also need to keep your hands tight because just a few days back, you had shopped a lot. So, how do you keep a track of all the objects? Items you already have, some of which you might want to get rid of later to make some space for the new amazing materials when you are planning to buy. This way, you can keep a track of all your favorite things!

◇ If you are thinking, ‘How do I manage my stuff collection?’ Follow these steps:

✍ Download My Stuff Organizer app from here!
✍ Click the ‘+’ button to add your stuff,
✍ Add a photo of the item you have bought,
✍ Name your stuff,
✍ Add its Purchase Date,
✍ Add its Warranty Expiry details,
✍ A must to add the cost for that object,
✍ Any other additional details that you want to keep a note of!

And, you’re done! :)

👉 To edit any details, click on the edit button, make the necessary changes and save it.

👉 To delete any object by opening its details, click on the edit button, and in the top right corner, you will see the delete button. Tap to delete that object from your list of stuff.

For example, you can add some good stuff like a car and car warranty. A few seconds of taps and all the stuff collection details in your pocket! Yes! You can add any type of stuff here, be it small as buying a nail paint or big properties like a penthouse. Or any other digital asset!

◇ Some more information about the handy features of this application:

✎ Add your stuff collection
✎ Add a photo of the item either through camera or gallery
✎ Edit stuff details anytime
✎ Prices of all the countries available
✎ Add Warranty Date
✎ Delete Stuff anytime from your records

Instead of using the handy methods of pen and paper and carry it everywhere, why not use a bit of modern technology and use some trendy methods to keep a note of all and any stuff in your pockets!

So, what are you waiting for? Check out My Stuff Organizer app NOW and get organized by practicing your Personal Stuff Management!


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My Stuff Organizer: For Personal Stuff Management

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