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Music for Children by W5Go

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Music for Children – An Interactive, AR-enabled Fun Learning App by W5Go, based on simple questions like:

*. What is Music?
*. Who makes Music?
*. Where can we find Music?
*. When do you listen to Music?
*. Why is the Music essential?

The App helps your Child to learn something valuable about Music in a Fun and Entertaining way.

App for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners:

Music for Children is designed for Preschoolers and Kindergarteners and goes through the different styles and ways that Music appears in our lives: from the Beautiful Sounds of Nature, to Orchestral Instruments, and DIY Music using everyday objects. Let’s children explore the different sounds they can find, and learn to appreciate in their lives.

Interactive Features:

The App has some Wonderful Interactive Features for children to discover, including:

*. A Guessing Game.
*. A DJ Table.
*. Fun Questions.

AR-enabled App:

Similarly, kids would experience AR (Augmented Reality) through the several Interactive AR-enabled Musical Exploration Scenes: Discovering Musical Instruments, Different Tunes from all over the World, and finding the Sounds of Nature.

Ads Free Apps / No Internet or WiFi Needed:

Our Apps are designed by keeping the Children and their Parents in mind, thus the Apps are Ads Free. Similarly, you won’t need any Internet/WiFi access after downloading and installing our apps and this makes them playable almost everywhere.

About W5Go:

W5Go is designed to raise the digital consciousness of the populace starting with the very young. It introduces the child to Digital Techniques and Technology in beautiful computer Graphics, Animations and Augmented Reality in a fun and entertaining way. It is also a good interactive way for the child to learn English words and expressions while playing the W5Go apps and games. The W5Go Apps and Games are the teacher, the Child simply learns by osmosis.

If you have an idea about improving this App, by bringing in more fun and interactivity, please write to us at [email protected]

Visit our Website at www.w5go.com.

Read our Latest Blog at https://w5go.wordpress.com.

Follow us on Social Media:

FACEBOOK @W5GoForChildren

Twitter @go_w5

Instagram @w5_go


Mon Sep 2017
Ecocarrier Inc.
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Thu Sep 2017
Music for Children by W5Go

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