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Super Fast Battery Charger

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Does your phone's battery drains faster, does it charge slowly? Super Fast Charger is here to save day. Try this smart charger app to save the battery of your smartphone and charge it quickly. It helps in fast charging of your android device by killing all those useless background processes and apps.

How Fast Charging Works?
Whenever you connect your smartphone to a power source, fast charger detects it and open up to kill all the battery draining apps and unnecessary background processes. It also clear the unnecessary apps from memory. It also temporarily disable mobile data, bluetooth and GPS by your permission which will reduce workload on CPU. As a result your battery will charge faster than normal when all these services are running.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Features of Super Fast Charger ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

☆ Elegant User Interface which is easy to use.
☆ Increase charging speed of your smartphone.
☆ Display battery Information including temperature, health, capacity and technology.
☆ Track your charging history by showing you health charge and overcharge counts.
☆ Enable Fast Charging by a single Tap.
☆ Display information about your smartphone including model and complete specs.
☆ Show remaining usage time left until phone needs to charge again.
☆ Beautiful and informative lock screen.
☆ Fast Charging animations.

Accurate Charging estimations
Super Fast Battery Charger not only helps in speed charging of your android smartphone but it also provide you the most realistic estimates of your remaining battery life. It shows you that how much time left until you ran out of juice.

what permissions do we need?
Our app doest not require any sensitive permission from your device. However we may need to access network, wifi and bluetooth etc in order to perfrom basic functionality so that we can save your battery and speed up the charging of your phone.

Super fast charger never disable any functionality on your smartphone without your permission. Try super fast charger for free and improve the charging speed of your android phone.


Thu Dec 2017
Super Fast Apps
1,000 - 5,000
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Fri Sep 2017
Super Fast Battery Charger

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