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Fuel Calculator, Directions Maps & Weather Alerts

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With Fuel calculator, directions maps & weather alerts you don’t have to worry about gas prices at your nearest gas station, you don’t have to worry about driving directions, local weather or around you – near by places. Fuel calculator, directions maps & weather alerts covers all of these amazing features and offers much much more.
Fuel calculator, directions maps & weather alerts not only allows you to use directions maps to reach a place but it also enables you visit a place in 3D with amazing features like street view. You can get directions to the nearest gas station, food near me, café near me or simply some hotels. How amazing would it be if you have an app which not only allows you to make calls, send messages, search for music online or listen to radio online, the built in android assistant in Fuel calculator, directions maps & weather alerts turns all of these wishes into a reality. Gas prices, Mileage calculator, roadtrip Gas cost calculator, nearest gas station, food near me , shoe stores,cafe near me, street view , road trip planner, android assistant , horoscope , zodiac , radio online, hotels ,daily horoscope, forecast ,reminder, driving directions ,weather radar, get directions , local weather , directions maps ,doppler radar, directions to, around you, near by places -
With zodiac horoscope you can easily forecast your daily horoscope and see how your day is going to be. Weather Radar allows you to foresee not only today’s weather but weather for the next 5 days using dopple radar. Mileage calculator works as perfect Road trip Gas cost calculator, it not only tells you your fuel consumption but also informs you when you are about to run out of gas and the nearest gas station. Best fuel calculator, 3d street view, best gps location app, Gemini daily horoscope, what’s my zodiac sign, hospitals near me, fm radio, online music, voice assistant for android. A road trip planner like this was dream of many and with Fuel calculator, directions maps & weather alerts we have turned this dream into a reality. calculator mapquest gasbuddy gallon trip mileage fuel mpg economy gasoline gaz average kuro estimator consumption benzene, fuel, mpg, essence, onboard, esso, consume, kuro, consumption, combustion, calculator, consumptions, combust, economy calculator, trip gas calculator, elog fuel, economy calculator, fueled,

Main features of Fuel calculator, directions maps & weather alerts:
• Fuel Calculator: With fuel calculator you can leave behind the worries of when do you have refill the next time for you, we take care of that for you. Not only do we notify you when your fuel is about to end but suggest you the nearest gas stations as well.
• Near by places: Exploring a new city is fun but sometimes can be very tough and performing a simple task such as finding a room to stay in can be very difficult. Nearby places suggest you every place around which includes, café’s restaurant, police stations, banks, atm, hotels, hospitals.
• 3d streetview: It offers you 3d images which you can explore around, of all the world wether it’s the statue of liberty, Eiffel tower, golden gates, Niagara falls, Taj mahal and many more amazing places. You can visit them all.
• Voice assistant: This feature enables you to operate your phone such as making a call, sending a message or searching for music online with just your voice.
• Route finder: Route finder allows you to get directions to any location and the estimated time you will need to reach there. It also chooses the fastest and most efficient path to reach your destination.
• Live radio: With live radio you can listen to all the radio stations of the world live, this opens gates for tons and tons of different music online.
• Horoscope : This feature enables you to foresee your day and what is going to happen with you tomorrow.
• Weather updates: Weather updates allows you to find out about the local weather.


Wed Dec 1969
Smart Tech Store
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Thu Oct 2018
Fuel Calculator, Directions Maps & Weather Alerts

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