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Panic Music Band Party clicker - Idle Fun Game
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Merry Christmas Rockstar!! It's time to rock on this Christmas because we have brought an all-new music band game with epic band features in it. Open up your own pop star band and take it to the new heights in this clicker game. You need to gain coins and fame to unlock different cities and start a new journey as party master pop star. There will be lots of things you will explore like epic dance, epic party, band management, band stuff, decorations, sound, promotion, party van and lots of other awesome features in this tap game. This star music game is packed with a unique epic idle clicker gameplay with lots of surprises in it.

Idle tapping game like this involves band member extension, beat change, epic dance, different musicians and awesome music band instruments. Expand your band, perform on various platforms and become famous in the whole world in this band gaming. This music game is addictive and fun playing game. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy this Christmas with this awesome Christmas party band game.

Key Features:

- Tap Tap To Earn Coins & Increase Your Fame & Profit To Sign New Contract.
- Upgrade & Unlock Lots Of Features To Speed Up The Profit.

- Collect Daily Rewards, Spinner Rewards & Achievement Rewards.

- Use Temporary Boosters & Permanent Booster To Rock The Band.

- Sign Contracts To Increase Your Profit Speed & Fame.

- Body Guards Are There To Protect You From Random Spoilers.

- Enjoy An Awesome Gameplay Area With Amazing Graphics & Sound.

This epic Christmas band party game has everything to entertain for many days. So don't think much, just get this music band game now and start playing it. Do share it with your friends and family.

Live like a band tycoon, where clicking will be your greatest asset! Become the greatest musician band party business tycoon ever!

Got any problems or suggestions?
- Please send a message to gameimakes@gmail.com
- we are always happy about our players’ feedback!


Wed Dec 1969
Current Version
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Wed Dec 1969
Panic Music Band Party clicker - Idle Fun Game

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