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Samurai Assassin (A Warrior's Tale)

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adventure game samurai game fighting game assassin game


This summer we will release new map with new weapons, traps and functions. Please check the new trailer video.

Link: https://youtu.be/uHekJTglrkE

"This game based on ninja arashi game, currently we have work in progress for new levels and some improvements in weapon attacks. We have added the life-bar so the character will not die with single attack, also new characters are coming soon."

A fascinating game with elements of action, platforming and adventure in hazardous conditions. The main character will be a skilled samurai warrior who went on a journey in order to save his wife from the clutches of the insidious demigod. And it would seem that he have little chance against a powerful creature. If not for one fact. For a long time, he was a member of the samurai clan engaged in constant battles with demons and other dangerous creatures. So the players will have all the necessary knowledge and skills to not only overcome all obstacles and traps on the way, but also to defeat the villain.

☆ 3 different maps + 1 Boss map with 45 levels to play
☆ Easy to control movement
☆ Upgrade your character's skills
☆ Purchase costumes and disguises
☆ Challenge yourself with tough battles
☆ Be the best and submit your score.


Wed Dec 1969
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Mon Jun 2020
Samurai Assassin (A Warrior's Tale)

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