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In this unique jigsaw puzzle game, you can put together mosaic pictures made of several hexa block pieces. Use your creativity to solve awesome puzzle challenges. This will improve your logic and help develop visual perception skills and hand eye coordination, while you are having fun!

Fun for the whole family. It is easy to play this free jigsaw puzzle game for all ages. Kids will also learn to play it quickly while having much fun!

Colorful images of various shapes: Animals, Vehicles, Funny things and so much more - Children will love it too! All of these beautiful mosaic boards are carefully crafted by hand

A unique entertaining logic training experience - all solutions will require you to plan and think, and to see the big picture, similar to jigsaw puzzle games

No time limit. Take your time to think and relax while you play!

Three difficulty settings with increasing challenges

Helpful options: "Skip": Press the Skip button to jump over a level that you do not like or find too difficult. "Hint": Press the "?" button on the top right side to get some help with the actual mosaic challenge

Collect coins and rewards after each solved hexa mosaic! You can use coins for the following: Unlock new difficulty settings, buy more Skip or Hint options or unlock different Background Themes! Each theme has a dynamic animation which can be turned off anytime

The game is free to play: All hexa block jigsaw puzzles can be unlocked without paying real money!

How to play:

When you start a new picture, in the middle of the screen you will see the empty form of the picture that you have to put together. At the bottom of the screen, you will find the hexa blocks which you can use to build up the image.
Touch and drag each hexa block from the bottom of the screen to the empty shape at the middle!
Keep in mind that in this game, you are putting together a complete jigsaw puzzle, so the colors also must be in the right place!
On the left side of the screen, you will find a smaller version of the complete picture. This will help you see where the colors should go. You can also enlarge it and drag it around the screen to place it elsewhere.

We would love to hear from you so please leave a review and tell us how can we improve this game, so we can make the best experience for you!

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Have fun playing! :)


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