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Made in India: Barcode scanner for Product origin

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Easily find out product manufacturing country by using Barcode scanner. Support Made in India through knowing Product Origin.

Nowadays, In India, People are more inclined towards supporting Products made in India compared to products from other nations.As Country is following Self reliant Vision. In support of such big Vision nationwide, here is an app from which you can know the product origin that you have already purchased. And be mindful for your next purchases.

Application’s Key Feature:

🔳 Scan Barcode and know the Product origin Country name
🔳 Know the origin of products scanned (automatically or manually)

Not only the government, but we also can support Products manufactured in our own country and give our support to the nation by such contributions which can be counted as a large initiative taken by country people.

Why to use Made in India App?

Get the Country name in a second by scanning barcode
Works offline
Very simple to use, easy features.
Fast scanning & easy sharing
Scan products to know it’s country of origin
Works as Product country finder

Use this app, and make sure you convert maximum of your product choices as indian Origin and reduce using foreign products gradually. Download and share with friends.


Wed Dec 1969
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Wed Jun 2020
Made in India: Barcode scanner for Product origin

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