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Voice Search Virtual Assistant & Voice Recognition

Johor Tech Malaysia

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Do you face difficulty in searching apps in your smart phone? Or you don’t want to waste time in typing things? Voice Search Virtual Assistant gives you opportunity to search anything in your smart phone using your voice, simply just speak to the phone and Voice Search Virtual Assistant will perform the required command for you. Voice Search Virtual Assistant recognizes the voice and converts voice into text and types for you. If you wants to search any app in your phone you just speak the name of the app and it will search it for you. No worries if your hands are busy, dirty or you are driving, if you have Voice Search Virtual Assistant then you don’t need to waste your time by typing everything. You can easily search any application, image, video, or any other thing in your phone that you want to search.
Voice Search Virtual Assistant can perform weather voice search, contacts voice search, Wikipedia voice search, Youtube voice search, Google voice search, Playstore search, Voice SMS, Voice call dialer, Voice search places, Voice navigation, Voice manage & voice speak search news, voice speak search Amazon, easy voice dictation, music voice search, song search, Voice search alarm, Voice search whatsapp, voice search & text search, shopping list voice input, voice notes, voice translator, voice keyboard, call voice changer, voice speedometer, voice calculator, voice notification reader, Voice-over Maker, voice recognition, interactive voice assistant. Lyrebird, transcribe, dictation, Dictaphone, rapidamente,

This voice search lets you find and access anything you want from your mobile no matter where you area. Just open the app and start speaking to it, it will perform whatever the task you speak to it. Get the search results in front on you within mini seconds and become efficient at your work. It is available in all the languages of the world no matter which language you speak you can your voice assisted tasks done within seconds. Tired of typing just speak and voice to text feature will change the voice in to text through speech to text. Do yahoo search or bing search from any search engine. heytell, importante, quire, mik, vocalive, seri, alisa, utter, ska, Melissa, wakeup, simply voice dictation, private memo voice dictation, easy voice dictation, voice dictation for notes, voice dictation voice to app, bolognese, voice dictation speechy lite, voice dictation voice to text, narrative, voice dictation free, voice changer app, vocal effects, voicechanger, voice modulator app, voice generator app, voice changer calling, bank of America virtual assistant, financial virtual assistant, personal secretary, smart voice, canular, voice activated virtual assistant, the voice official app, contacts assistant, speedo car, ordinal, maintenant, speaktoit.

• Voice Activated Virtual Assistant:
• Dictation Assistant
• Voicemail Assistant
• Voice Commands
• Voice Actions
• Worksmart
• Smart Voice
• Voice Control Extension
• Voice Recognition
• Easy Smart Voice Assistant
• Voice Calling App
• Mobile Command
• Voice maps turn to turn
• Mobile Device Assistant
• Voice Activation
• Voice Posts
• Voice Call Dialer
• Phone Assistant
• Search App
• Voice Dictation
• Speakerphone
• Voice Navigation


Wed Dec 1969
Johor Tech Malaysia
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Wed Nov 2018
Voice Search Virtual Assistant & Voice Recognition

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