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Offline Route Directions, Maps & GPS Navigation

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You are finding address, location and street then here is best solution for you through Offline Route Directions, Maps & GPS Navigation. Just speak place name and get yourself there through voice directions. If you are searching route finder app, current location app, street view app, find now friend app, address finder app then download Offline Route Direction app. Gps Voice Navigation helps you to find the best, fastest and accurate route offline as well as online traffic. So going to an unknown place, take Offline Route Directions, Maps & GPS Navigation along and you will never get lost or stuck in traffic. Offline maps of all the countries in the world along voice navigation that helps you to drive easily while getting directions. It tells you about all the alternate route options and reroute available with estimated time of arrival so that you can map your route by selecting shortest and fastest route along withstop, improvement, recent, uses, accuracy and closer on turn by turn navigation. Just speak place name and you will be there. This California Navigation app also tells you about the kilometers & ETAs you are going to travel and average liters of fuel you will need tom tom navigation.

Transit gps navigation with a growing number of satisfies users and providing hassle, finest, built, attractive, section, condition, Aja, accident, thoughtfull, circulation, bene, Brett, helping, orientation, , precise, critique, fault, Cardin Ali, display, oriented, ditch, aficionado, jug, glimpse, bantu, azimuth, nth, dipper, magneto, feral, culpa, frigid, Mena, Alana, ouster, Nord, Pyle and kava. Organize your drive thoughts with navigation direction offline route maps tracker app and keep all your memos organized by choosing from a list of labels. Navigation direction offline route maps tracker app will create a custom label of your own mapturn. Get rid from location finder you simply add up your desire location and app will help you to reached desire location with all of updated shortest paths. Supports multitasking feature often helpful to track somewhere unknown paths and prevent wrong guidance. App is a fast, smart and undemanding which will avoid complexity of route in road accident, traffic rush & road closed due to vip movement navigation.

Navigation Features:

This gps maps application has following features:
** Offline maps: This app works without internet connection, so you can use it anywhere in the world.
** Transportation App: Gps navigator can be used by any source of transportation you are using whether by walking, car, bus or bicycle.
** Voice guided direction: It’s a Gps navigation that talks. It lets you know correct directions with names of places and street numbers.
** Place Finder: Its acts like a place finder, it lets you find all the nearby places, restaurants, café, mosque, ATM, banks, schools, hospitals, bus stops, outlets, air ports, malls, gas stations etc.
** Route sharing: It lets you share your current position on a map, estimated time of arrival and the route you choose.
** Speed limit information: It helps you maintain your speed within the speed limit of every area.
** Traffic details: It lets you know which route has minimum traffic and you can travel faster.
** Top rated restaurants: It also guides you about the reviews of restaurants and opening hours.
** Relocate the route: In case of road closures or barriers driving route will be automatically relocate the route.
** Street view maps: This navigation app provides street view as well to better understand the location.
** Track my drive: It helps you to send tracker to your family for safety purposes.
** Weather Forecast: This also acts like a weather forecaster and tells you about the weather conditions and how it will affect your drive.
** Hiking maps: You can get your direction during hiking as well.


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Offline Route Directions, Maps & GPS Navigation

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