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Multiplication Table 2020: Voice Guide - Speaking

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A great app to learn maths: multiplication tables. With this simple app you'll just pick a number from 1 to 20 and you'll get its corresponding multiplication table so that you can memoriza all multiplications.

It's so simple and easy to use.
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We designed multiplication flash cards especially for you. So you can practise multiplication and guess all math puzzles! Solve multiply test and pass school exam or just kill time profitably.

The multiplication app will be useful for both adults and:
- students and kids - to master the basics of mathematics and arithmetic, learn multiplication table, prepare for math tests and exams
- adults who want to keep their mind and brain in good shape

The game has three modes:
● Training mode
You can choose the size of the table you want to study (x10 or x20), as well as the type of game - test, true or false, input.
● Study
Learn the multiplication table from 1 to 20, and then test your knowledge by solving examples of multiplication and division.
● Test mode
This mode is designed to consolidate learning through practical application. You need to answer 10 questions, without time limits. After that it is possible to check how successful you done test and look at what questions you answered incorrectly. This will help next time improve the result by solving math problems and make learnings process easier and even more productive!

- Easy interface
- Good math trainer suitable for kids and adults
- Multiplication table to 10, 20
- Train division
- See answers with your mistakes and try again

Setup multiplication app and have a fun training your brain for school math tests, surveys, exams. Learn times tables easily!
Everybody knows: with age mental abilities weaken. We can recommend you a brain game, which is based on principles of cognitive psychology to help you practice different mental skills: memory, attention, speed, reaction, concentration, logic. "Quick Brain" - it is a Puzzle game for those who want always keep their brain in good shape.

Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater. © Albert Einstein.
Welcome to Multiplication table, the puzzle game where you get the power of math in your hands.
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Multiplication Table 2020: Voice Guide - Speaking

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