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Steps Counter - Pedometer & Calorie Counter Free
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Step Counter (Pedometer) is a basic smart fitness application which can be used to record the number of steps you have walked and displays them again along with the number of calories that you have burned, distance, and walking time. With multiple walking mode, the biggest feature of this application is 30 days running challenge. For someone who is wondering ways on how to lose weight, this 30 days running challenge cannot only be good for weight loss, but also, you will run into shape and develop a habit of daily running and walking for fitness.
It is an easy to use Pedometer app that you will start according to selected mode and start walking or running. It will correctly record the number of steps you will take while walking or running. In addition, its calorie calculator will display the number of Calories burned during the fitness running and walking.

- On the main navigation, Go to “Settings” of pedometer app
- On the app settings screen, enter your Body Weight as calories burned are measured considering your body mass index (BMI).
- On the same screen, From the Exercise Mode Type, select the Pedometer for Running or Walking as per your fitness schedule.
- Now on the navigation screen, select STEP COUNTER to start pedometer. Press “Start” button and enter mobile inside your pocket and start your exercise. (Note: In order to work this accurately, use or attach your smartphone with you where the step tracker can sense your walking or running activity)
- Once done running, stop the pedometer and it will save your step counter record.
30 Days Running Challenge:
30 Days challenge is a special feature added to this pedometer application for those who want to develop a habit of running daily and those who want to quickly lose weight particularly belly fat. You are given a 30 days running plan with daily Goals. Each target should be achieved within 24 hours. By the end of this 30 days, you will definitely feel the difference.
As you exercise daily, the application daily tracks your steps and saves in the history section. So you can keep a check on your walking and running activity anytime.
1 - Shows Calories, Number of Steps Recorded with Time i.e. Steps Tracker
2 - Shows Multiple Records for the same date
3 - Running and Walking Mode
4 – 30 Days Running Challenge for weight loss
5 – Accurately Calculates Calories Burned using Body Mass Index Feature
Install this Pedometer app and get your fitness running steps on record.


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Steps Counter - Pedometer & Calorie Counter Free

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