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Panda Chef’s Kitchen Pizza Cooking

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“Panda Chef’s Kitchen Pizza” game is a cooking game for girls and its a free game for all.
“Panda Chef’s” Kitchen Pizza is “cooking game” played with family, friends & kids.
Panda Chef’s “Kitchen Pizza” maker game is download for free!
Panda Chef’s Kitchen Pizza fever cooking game is played all ages people like kids , young and old man game.

Cooking delicious pizza meals and desserts from all over the world. It is one of the top free games in app market. 
download it and setup it to your mobile device, you can become a chef, and design and make your own sandwich and presto pizza.

Panda Chef’s Kitchen Pizza is a creativity game. 
Panda Chef’s Kitchen Pizza is a king of cooking game.

select pizza who would you liked most and made different shape and test of pizza So quench your pizza kitchen cooking fever & be a master pizza cooking chef and bake some delicious and mouthwatering pizzas.Roll the mixture with rolling pin than add tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms or what ever toppings you like on the countertop, than put it in the oven and watch it as the crust becomes brown, see how the cheese melts and all other ingredients cook to perfection. Experience the true baking fever by being a pizza maker & baker as a real chef in piza shop. In a large bowl you have to add water, flour, butter and yeast. Mix it well add salt and mix it again.

- in this panda Make his own dough.
- panda Make his own sauce.
- Add cheese.
- Mixed all items in bowl
- Customize with dozens of toppings!
- Bake your pizza in the oven, but don't let it over cook!
- Add seasonings.
- Serve your pizza and decorate the table with cups and napkins.
- Best yet, you can EAT your pizza!
- baby chef panda Snacks like Popcorns, Ice Cream Soda and Fruit Italian Pizzeria 


Wed Dec 1969
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Fri Jul 2019
Panda Chef’s Kitchen Pizza Cooking

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