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Basketball Swipe Star | Basketball Shoot Game
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1,000 - 5,000
Current Version
Requires Android
4.1 and up


What's New

- Added Localization - use your own language and play basketball <br>- Added new languages: Russian, Español, 日本語 , français, 中文, Português, Suomalainen, Tiếng Việt, हिन्दी and ગુજરાતી <br>- Watch different celebrities while swiping the basketball <br>- UI Updates <br>- Bug fixings <br>


It's Time to get crazy for Basketball lovers! Yes! This season we bring you the best basketball shoot game which lets you practice basketball at the comfort of your home. Basketball fanatics can now test and practice basketball swipes and shot techniques with this number one Basketball Swipe Star | basketball shoot game.

Be a Basketball swipe & shoot star !

This game offers multiple fun ways to shoot Basketball!

  • Endless Mode
  • Keep playing till you miss
  • Time Challenge Mode
  • Swipe as much as you can in 20 sec
  • Wall Bounce Mode
  • hit the wall to get ball in basket
  • Multi Hoop Mode
  • single swipe multiple hoops !

Basketball swipe Up - Shoot Game or simulator Game is a top game designed for basketball king who love playing the street-ball at the fastest speed. It is a Basketball Swipe star game which comes with a built in ticket dispenser, where players are challenged to hit the target scores to move onto the next level and try to beat the player who has earned the highest score.
In this best ballgame, the better the gameboy is, the longer they are able to play.

How to Play the Game:

This basketball shoot star game begins by offering you different play mode - choose one of it.
Once mode is selected, All you need to do to play the game is to swipe your finger towards hoop to get score and collect starts.
Multiple different modes helps you to get fresh and kill the time.

Endless Mode - Keep playing till you miss the hoop
In this mode, there is no time limit relax and challenge yourself to take the ball in basket and become basketball sniper. Once you score more hoop starts moving. You need to shoot the moving hoop.

Time Limit Mode - Swipe & shoot as much as you can in 20 sec
In this Time challenge mode A specific time frame is set to play the game. It's easy to score but once your score increases basketball board starts moving here and there and game becomes more exited - Shoot the moving hoop.
You need to score as many points as possible within the given time.

Bounce Wall Mode - hit the wall to get ball in basket
In bounce wall mode, you need to swipe towards wall, basketball will hit the wall and then go towards board net. Can you shoot the hoop !!

Multi Hoop Mode - single swipe to shoot multiple hoops !
As name suggests, in multiple hoop mode, there are multiple hoops available to target. As soon as you swipe and hit the hoop, all the basketball boards (hoops) starts moving and you need to hit the moving hoops !

Hay basketball shooter, can you hit the moving hoops ?

Its exciting physical effect will give you the fun of playing a real basketball game on the ground. The best thing about this simulator basketball game is that multiplayer basketball players can practice basketball shots. Unlike street basketball, this mobile game app functions like an electronic basketball game. You can also view high scorers in the game onscreen along with a number of basketball shots.

At the end of each game, you will be able to view a summary of the game, which displays your score, the highest score of the round, and number of coins/stars you have earned.

You can play this minigame at any time. Whether you wish to kill time or gain proficiency in your basketball shots, this game is apt for you.

Download this game and have unlimited Basketball fun! Enjoy it free


Tue Jul 2017
P S Consultancy
1,000 - 5,000
Current Version
4.1 and up
Content Rating
Wed Jul 2017
Basketball Swipe Star | Basketball Shoot Game

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