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Phantom.me is a free mobile privacy app, the first to offer all the must-have privacy and online anonymity features: Hidden incognito browser, anonymous VPN proxy, hidden vault for storing sensitive photos, videos and files, fully anonymous and private chat, private access to your favorite web apps, and other features essential for ensuring complete privacy and peace of mind.

Phantom.me private browser, hidden file vault, anonymous chat and other free privacy features are locked inside a hidden zone on your phone, protected by military-grade data encryption. You can even remove Phatom.me app icon all together, and access the app entering your access password on the phone dialer, so no one can even know you have the app. Chat anonymously, browse privately, store sensitive media and data securely - using Phantom.me no one will ever know.

Essential Privacy, Anonymity and Encryption Features:

Incognito browser
Enjoy private browsing anywhere on the web using Phantom.me anonymous browser, protected by secure VPN proxy, military-grade encryption & default incognito browser mode keeping no browser history, stores no cookies, ensuring your browsing activities are 100% hidden and can never be traced, logged, or detected. What happens in Phantom.me app stays in Phantom.me app.

Private access to web apps
Completely secure and much easier to use than browsing, Phantom.me web apps allow you to access your frequently used sites, services & social media accounts - in an invisible, untraceable mode. Create multiple Facebook accounts, and use them securely and anonymously so that no one can ever trace or follow you. Create single or multiple secure & anonymous accounts for email, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Twitter, Tinder, POF, Telegram, Imo, Skype, Viber, Tumblr, YouTube, Google Maps, Snapchat, Quora, PayPal, and more.

Anonymous chat
Using Phantom.me, you have a private chat that is 100% secure, anonymous, and incognito. Thanks to a full, end-to-end chat encryption, protected by both private and public key, Phantom.me chat goes the extra mile keeping you safe and protecting your privacy: People you chat with cannot forward photos, videos, or files you send them nor screenshot your files or messages, keeping your online mobile experience anonymous, private and 100% secure.

Hidden data vault
Lock private photos, videos, and sensitive files within Phantom.me app hidden secret file vault. Protected by AEW-256 military-grade encryption and a unique key, the data storage vault successfully and completely hides all your sensitive content from the world. Rest assured that all your private data is truly safe and can never be viewed by anyone but you, whether it’s on your device or cloud storage.

No app icon
For complete privacy, you can use the app without an icon (optional). Only you will know you are using Phantom.me app and only you can access the app entering your app access code via the phone dialer.

Premium Features:
Phantom.me is a free mobile privacy solution. Unlike many alternative apps, we never run ads nor collect or share your personal data. Frequent users can upgrade to the premium version and enjoy unlimited data encryption.

About Phantom.me cyber security team
Phantom.me was established in 2015 by a team of leading data encryption experts and cyber security professionals dedicated to protecting online privacy rights.

Together they set on a mission to end what we have all grown accustomed to as technology users of the 21st century: trading away our security, identity and private details to advertising agencies & governments in exchange for online services.

After over two years of intensive R&D, and over 6 months of beta testing performed by privacy advocates, Phantom.me app was launched to the public, delivering what it had set out to achieve: a complete, all-encompassing mobile privacy solution.


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