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BFF Friendship Test - Best Friend Quiz

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BFF Friendship Friend Quiz Test Joke Prank Best Friends Forever


BFF Friendship Test Quiz is a fun and easy to use app to test how strong your friendship is with each friend.
Simply enter your name and a friend’s name and then complete different quizzes about your friendship with that person. After you have completed 10 questions in each quiz, our unique algorithm will assess your answers and give you a percentage of how strong that friendship is, you can then save your results with each friend and even share your top result with them!

There are a total of 5 different BFF friendship quizzes to try out, each with 10 questions about you and your friend, asking questions such as, Do you trust your friend? Do they know all of your secrets? What would you do if you heard gossip about your friend? And many many more...
The result is calculated based on the answers you pick using our powerful algorithm, so try to be as honest as possible to ensure the best results!

Now you can test your friendship with friends and family just by taking a quick and easy quiz. Have fun with your friends, save all of your test results and see who your best friend is. You can share the results with all of your friends so they can see how they’ve scored and once they try the app, they will be able to share their results with you too!

A true friendship is based on trust, discretion, mutual respect and knowing you can always count on that person.
Are you really best friends? Install this fun app to find out now!

Enjoy the best free BFF Friendship test app, and don’t forget to share it with all of your friend’s, so they can join in the fun too! This great app has many features including HD graphics and animations, 5 unique quizzes to choose from, easy to use, and it’s completely free and always will be.

This App is for entertainment purposes only.
Please note this app has been developed for fun purposes and is not intended to hurt anyone’s feelings. While this app does try to gauge friendship’s based on the questions answered, relationships can be complicated and require much more consideration than any test can provide, it is for that reason that we suggest you use this app to have fun and joke around with your friend’s and it shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Try it now to see who your best friend is, let the fun begin!!

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Do not use our source code via decompilation, our graphic elements, our description or other resources as we will file a DMCA request for copyright infringement with Google without prior warning and you risk losing your account.
Thank you.
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BFF Friendship Test - Best Friend Quiz

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