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Drinking Water Reminder and Tracker For Android

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Drinking water reminder water intake reminder drinking water reminder for children


Drinking Water Reminder and Tracker is a free application on Android available in the playstore to download. This app does cultivate the habit of drinking water that is very important to your body.

Bad habit of drinking less water can cause serious health problems in the long run. This is an useful application that can help you to create the habit of drinking water on a daily basis.

Instructions on how to use this Drinking water reminder application

1. Open the app, first you need to setup with your name, age and how many minutes you are doing exercises. It ask about the Sleeping and wake up time.

2. Once the app capture all the information, it will accordingly suggest you how much water you should drink on a given day and that is your target.

Users Warning: Health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 liters you can take. If the app suggest you to drink more water. Make sure you keep this guideline.

3. Then you will see many sizes of cups and underneath each cup you will see what is that cup meant for, its for a Tea, Water, Milk etc. You have to select the cup according to your intake.

4. Each time when you drink water, open the app and click the cup with that amount of water, automatically that will be added. How much target that you have achieved will be shown in the top screen of the app.

5. You can also set Notification about reminding you to drink water every 15 /30/45/60 Minutes duration.

6. In the settings you can also reset the whole thing and start again.

Very good concept application on promoting health in individuals by making them drink enough water daily. I request all who have used and experienced the benefits of this app, please support support this app, Share it to your friends as much as possible. Use this on a daily basis to track what you have taken.



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Drinking Water Reminder and Tracker For Android

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