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Medicine Reminder Free
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Medicine Reminder App

Medicine Reminder will help you to take the medicines on time. It is an assistant that will remind you through voice you can write down about the pills or medicine names, it will spell exactly. Useful application for Seniors, kids,and adults. We tend to forgot to intake medicines on time, that causes severe health risks. To avoid and get cured from all the ailments its important that we intake all the medicines on time.

This app especially help you on taking your medicines on time. You set an alert , exactly when the set time is reached it starts alarming you to take the medicine. Just Set it up and Be free - This Medicine Reminder app will remind you exactly at the right time.

Just fill the tablet name/Pill name, in the Next field type the info to Utter it as Voice. If you like this app, share this useful application to your friends.

Medicine Reminder for Seniors
This app will certainly be useful for Senior citizens of the country, some may have diabetes, some may suffer from a blood pressure, if they are not taking their pills at the right time, imagine what will happen to their life.
This Medicine reminder will solve the problem of those seniors. It reminds them on time, helping them to take medicines on time that will keep them healthy and live longer life without complications.


Thu Aug 2015
Proven Digital Web Solutions
500 - 1,000
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Sat Jun 2016
Medicine Reminder Free

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