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Mega Quiz: General Knowledge Trivia | Photo & Logo

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Test your trivia knowledge by indulging in a quiz marathon on Mega Quiz: General Knowledge free game!
Play the brand new, amazing GK Quiz App and put your Quiz skills to the test. Expand your knowledge, enhance your memory and brain performance with this massive collection of Mega Quiz: General Knowledge quizzes. Engage in relaxed single player rounds or head to head battles with others & dominate the leaderboard.

Logo Quiz Game includes more than 30000 multiple choice question answer and over 4000 photos & logos that will entertain and challenge even the best flag quiz players. Our team has compiled Trivia Games 2019 quizzes for every topic imaginable combined with logic problems and mind puzzles.

FEATURES of GK Quiz App:
This addictive app is full of unique and exciting Trivia Games 2019 features:
✓ Over 30000 multiple choice Question Answer and hundreds of levels to unlock
✓ Single & two player head to head battle mode
✓ Get pdf reports of Brain Training based on your answers in each round – level
✓ Review your Logo Quiz Game progress and check the correct and incorrect ones
✓ Monthly leaderboards - get your GK Quiz Appscore to number one
✓ Many Brain Training categories of both easy and difficult challenges
✓ Over 4000 pic and guess the logo rounds are included in the mix
✓ IQ exercises and brain teasers that are not knowledge depended
✓ Easy login & sharing via your favorite social apps
✓ Small & fast quiz game, all questions are stored in our servers

HOW TO PLAY Logo Quiz Game?

» Choose the Trivia Games 2019 category that you want
» Choose the level (unlock levels as you go)
» Each round serves 20 Question Answer
» Each right answer gives you 5 points
» The more right answers you give the more coins you earn
» You can watch videos to earn more coins
» You have 25 sec to answer each challenge
» Fifty - Fifty (50-50) help action in each round
» Skip help to jump to the next question
» Audience poll help for the most popular choices
» Reset timer help action if you need more time
» Choose Battle mode for one on one and let the game begin

Brain Training CATEGORIES

☆ Animals
☆ Art and Literature
☆ Entertainment Mix
☆ Food & Drink
☆ General Knowledge
☆ Guess the image
☆ Math & Brain puzzles
☆ Geography
☆ History quizzes
☆ Movies, Series, Popular Shows
☆ Music, artists, charts, songs, lyrics
☆ Religion & Mythology
☆ Science & Nature
☆ Sports
☆ True / False


By playing our GK Quiz App repeatedly you:

✓ Challenge your skills
✓ Expand your awareness
✓ Increase your IQ
✓ Keep your memory sharp
✓ Reduce Stress

If you like free trivia games, you will love our app that covers knowledge categories such as GK, guess the image, math & brain puzzles, IQ, music, movies, TV show games, art, literature, geography, Food & Drink, history, sports, science, nature, religion, mythology, history, animals, True/false. Unlock all levels of our quizzes and get to the top of the scoreboards; each month a new champion is picked.

Only the best puzzles are included and new updated questions, with new levels and knowledge categories. Invite a friend and play head to head, the competitive element will enhance your mood. In single player mode you get a relaxed, casual experience that enhance your focus, learning and thinking abilities. By playing guess the photo questions in our game, you improve your memory in a fun way. In the image puzzles you will find celebrities, places, flags, sport figures, music artists, movie stars, logos and more. Our collection, offers you hundreds of levels to unlock and is a vast source of education. You might not realise it, but each day you play, you increase your general knowledge.


If you like our trivia game, please do rate us on play store. Feel free to report to us anything you find in the quiz challenges with the report question feature. Don't hesitate to suggest new type of categories.


Wed Dec 1969
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Wed Sep 2019
Mega Quiz: General Knowledge Trivia | Photo & Logo

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