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Kids Computer: Number & Alphabet Learning Activity
salon games for girls


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This fantastic computer learn and play baby computer teach children name and recognise of different objects.kids computer number and alphabet learning activity is an educational game with multiple types of entertaining with fun that helps children to learn.

Kids Computer: Number & Alphabet Learning Activity teaches the alphabte with attractive objects that have the latter of the alphabet for example C for cat ,D for Dog, B for Ball , A for Ant, and also color identify select on see the object on screen of laptop etc.

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Different types of objects like:
⁃ Vegetables
⁃ Common Furniture
⁃ Shapes
⁃ Vehicles
⁃ Fruits
⁃ Flowers
⁃ Colors
⁃ Numbers
⁃ Animals
⁃ Birds
⁃ Toy

Games Listed as under:

-Alphabet Learning : Kids Computer teaches the alphabet with objects that have the letter of the alphabet for example A is for Apple, B is for Ball, etc.this Computer game also teaches your child how to write the alphabets words letter by letter in a easy way with our intelligent keyboard.your kids also recognise object from hilarious sound.

-Numbers Learning : This game will learn your kids to identify number and number learning.

-Counting Game : also learn to your child how to count, but in a better way, the game will ask questions of how many objects does your child see, but the game is always counting in giving your child tips.

-Colors Learning :The game also have beautiful colors, funny faces, educational sounds, a cute voice.


- Free game for any under 8 years old kids
- Learning with hilarious sound.
- 8 Engaging games
- Computer like real toy
- Hint is given to help in learning
- Colorful pictures and funny sounds make your baby smile for a long time!

Thank you for downloading Our Kids Computer: Number & Alphabet Learning Activity game its free on store.

Catch Us:- https://itunes.apple.com/developer/ajay-pandya/id1105886460

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Wed Dec 1969
salon games for girls
Current Version
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Sat May 2018
Kids Computer: Number & Alphabet Learning Activity

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