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Shot On Stamps: Custom ShotOn Stamp on Photos

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Shot On Stamp Shot By Custom Shot On Stamp


◇ ‘Shot On Stamps: Custom ShotOn Stamp on Photos' permits you to add watermark on photo. Add “ShotOn” & “Shot By” watermark stamp on the photo you’ve captured from the app’s custom camera, or to the photos you have already saved in the photo gallery.

Unlike other auto stamping apps, this Shot On application provides you 2-in-1 Shot On for Camera & ShotOn for photo gallery. Add custom logo to use it as a watermark on photo.

You can also add custom stamp logo of your own choice!

With “ShotOn” and “Shot By” features, you can edit the signature text as, for example, Shot On- Device name and Shot By- Your name.

★ Why choose Shot On Stamps: Custom ShotOn Stamp on Photos?

Now you can put Logo Position on top of ShotOn & ShotBy Tags
With shot on app’s custom camera, capture your creativity from the shoton app itself
2-in-1 Shot On Camera & Gallery Photos
The only photo stamp ShotOn app that allows you to add your custom Shot On logo in camera as well as on gallery photos.
Many Font Style with the Font color you’d prefer
Change the logo color to the color as you like
Adjustable personalized Stamp Position and Size
Add Shot On for Mi and many other like ShotOn for Vivo, Shot On for Honor tags

Highlighting Features of this ShotOn and ShotBy Photo Stamp App:
Logo Position

In the latest update of Shot On Stamps: Custom ShotOn Stamp on Photos, you can either use default logo position on the left or put it above the Shot On & Shot By Watermark Stamps.

Easy to use

Shot On Stamps: Custom ShotOn Stamp on Photos is very easy to use & by modifying the settings, you can add “Shot On” and “Shot By” watermark on photo.

Shot On and Shot By tags:

Add ShotOn (Device Name) and Shot By (Your Name) tags and add copyright to photo by putting a watermark stamp on your favorite photos.

Different font formats

Select a font you like & add to photo from many different font styles present in this Shot On Photo Stamp app.

Adjustable personalized Stamp Size & Position

Change the custom stamp size & set the position of watermark stamp.

Customizable Logo

Select from the different amazing smartphone company logos that are available in the Shot On application. Also, you can add your own personalized stamp by choosing a logo from photo gallery to add Shot On photo stamp.

Attractive Font & Logo Color

Have a taste of different font colors & logo color. Choose the color you like!

How to use Shot On Stamp Application?

Open Custom ShotOn app, go to settings, modify as per your need.
Choose a logo & change the color for Shot On, Shot By.
More Shot On settings - Stamp Position, Stamp Size, Font Style & Font Color
Click ShotOn Custom Camera to capture a new pic & watermark stamp of “Shot On” and “ShotBy” will be added automatically.

To add watermark stamp on gallery photos, click on the gallery option in the Shot On app & select the photo. Photo stamp will be added directly to the selected pic. You can also add stamps to multiple photos.

How to make the most use of Shot On Stamps: Custom ShotOn Stamp on Photos app?

➺ This photo stamping app be useful for Freelance Photographers!
By using the “Shot By” tag, people across the globe may know about your digital photography skills if you add ShotBy watermark on photo.

➺ Add copyright to photo by putting a watermark on photo you’ve captured with Custom ShotOn Camera. Smart use of Shot On Stamps: Custom ShotOn Stamp on Photos!

➺ Add watermark to photo different from your own brand like Shot On for Mi, ShotOn for Vivo, etc.

Add watermark to photo with ShotOn Stamp App, you can add brand names like Shot On for OnePlus or add ShotOn for Honor, Shot On for Oppo & so on, even if you’re not using that particular brand phone.

➺ Addicted to Food Photography
Start adding watermark on photo of the delicious food you captured from the ShotOn Custom Camera & let your followers know about it.

Get this Shot On Stamps: Custom ShotOn Stamp on Photos application on your phone.


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Shot On Stamps: Custom ShotOn Stamp on Photos

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