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Status Saver: WhatsTools Status Download & Chat

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Presenting “Status Saver for WhatsApp” that helps you to download videos and photos from your WhatsApp status! Moreover, get 3-in-1 “WhatsTools: Direct Chat for WhatsApp” that allows you to “Chat with Anyone, Send Empty Message, and Group Messaging”!

Found an interesting story on a friend’s WhatsApp Status? Want to save it?

✋ Wait! Don’t take a screenshot OR bother your friend by asking him to send those media files! Just download this “Story Saver for WhatsApp” and Save video or photo from WhatsApp Status within few seconds.

Usually, WhatsApp Story gets disappear after 24 hours from being uploaded. But, “Status Saver for WhatsApp” helps you to browse, status download, save video, image & share them as your WhatsApp status in a few taps!

✨ Features of Status Saver for WhatsApp & Status Download App:

☆ Download & Repost pictures/videos from Status Story.
☆ Save Video & Repost to other apps.
☆ It shows recently uploaded stories in this WhatsApp Status Download App (Story Saver for WhatsApp).
☆ Get Notification when WhatsApp Story is uploaded.

Many times, while checking watssap, you find pictures that you like. But, you can’t save them! With status saver app (Story Saver for WhatsApp), you can save Watssap images, musical videos, or any other media you like in Status Story!

How to use WhatsApp Status Download App (Story Saver for WhatsApp)?

👉 Open any status in your Whats App.
👉 Open Status Saver for WhatsApp > Click “Recent Status” > Here you will see all the WhatsApp Status.
👉 Open an image/video in this WhatsApp Status Download App.
👉 Click on ‘X’ icon, and get various options like save, repost, set as a profile, & delete!
👉 When you save video, it will appear in the Saved Status tab of Story Saver for WhatsApp!

✋ Check out the bonus feature ”WhatsTools: Open Chat without Number” along with WhatsApp Status Download App!

✔ Direct Chat with anybody without saving number! Just select the nation code, enter the digits, & talk with stranger! 😋

✔ Send a blank text to your buddies & make them feel 'How does that happen?'😲

✔ Now do group messaging in a single click with our WhatsTools Status Downloader app for Open Chat without Number.😉

Send an invisible text with Direct Chat for WhatsApp👻

With our “WhatsTools & Status Saver for WhatsApp”, tell your friends that you are missing them without saying a word!

You can even send empty message to UNSAVED WHATSAPP NUMBERS by entering the number, and set the number of blank characters!

Open Chat with Anyone💃

Don't want to save someone's watssap number? Use Direct Chat & Story Saver for WhatsApp!


Just open “WhatsApp Status Download App”, enter a number, & start chatting! If the contact doesn’t exist, our WhatsTools: Direct Chat for WhatsApp will inform!

Group Message👨‍👨‍👧‍👧

Direct Chat App for WhatsApp enables you to pass messages in bulk!

How to use Direct Chat for WhatsApp?

✎ Start “WhatsTools: Open Chat Without Number & Status Saver for WhatsApp”.

✎ To enable Direct Chat, click "Chat with New Number (Talk with stranger)" ➺Select Country ➺Enter Number ➺Start Chat.

✎ Select "Chat with Message" ➺ Write Message ➺ Click "Send Message" ➺ Choose contacts ➺ Hit Send ➺ Group Messaging Done!

✎ Click "Chat with Empty Message" ➺ Enter number of characters ➺ Press "Send Message" ➺ Select the contacts & send the blank text.

Highlights of Status Saver & Whatsapp status Download app

* Free Story Saver for WhatsApp
* Group Messaging
* Talk with stranger (Chat with Anyone)
* Send Empty Message
* Save Whatsapp Status including Images and Videos

Still Reading about this Status Saver & Story Saver for WhatsApp? 😛

Go Get the “Status Saver for WhatsApp & Direct Chat” NOW! Start downloading your favorite WhatsApp Status and open chat without number!


"WhatsApp" name is copyright to WhatsApp This app is in no way affiliated or sponsored by WhatsApp.


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Status Saver: WhatsTools Status Download & Chat

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