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Bitcoin Grabber - Your Bitcoin Faucet

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Hi everyone!

Thanks for taking the time and having a look at our Grabber Faucet apps.

When downloading the bitcoin grabber app, you will be asked for your BTC address. This bitcoin address must necessarily be linked to your Microwallet on Faucethub. Just open an account with Faucethub – it’s done in a minute.

As soon as you have entered your linked bitcoin address into the app, you’re ready to go.

Inside the app you have several possibilities:

The one thing you need to do in order for this to work is watch a promotional video. Having watched one video, you will be granted 2 hours of “mining-time” earning bitcoin satoshi.

Of course, you can watch more videos to receive further “mining-time”.

Furthermore, you have the possibility to boost your “mining-speed”. You can watch more videos and therefore receive a 2x boost for a limited time. You can also buy 3x booster in our shop. Last but not least you can gain a 5x boost by taking part in a survey. All in all, you can boost your “mining-speed” up to a maximum of 10x.

If you like our app, you can also take part in our “tell a friend” program. Just give your friend your BTC address, which you use in our app. Your friend can then enter this address upon his first log in with our app and then receive 500 bitcoin satoshi as a welcome gift and you will receive 15 % of everything he gets credited by Faucethub from that moment on.

*”mining-speed” here means the duration within the app and the bonuses. The mining activities take place solely on our servers. For this reason, the app doesn’t have to be running in order for this to work and will only take up a very small amount of your data volume.


Wed Dec 1969
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Thu Jun 2019
Bitcoin Grabber - Your Bitcoin Faucet

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