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Custom Stamps Date TimeStamp Camera: Moment Stamp

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"Woo Hoo! I feel on the top of the world😄" Wish you could have captured those Precious Moments! Why don't you Capture the moment with custom Time and date stamp using our Moment stamp camera app!

Cherish your special moment by adding datetime stamp either on Watermark camera images or Gallery Photos to live it forever! Add timestamp on photos using this date and time camera app.

With this Date and TimeStamp Camera app, you can instantly add custom stamps to watermark camera & gallery photos! Capture all precious moments with this date camera & live them forever with time and date stamp. So, when you look back to photos of your special moment from your photo gallery, those memories won’t fade away!

🎁 Why this date and time camera is best amongst all Photo stamper Apps?

👉 Get stunning moment stamp template to add Date and time stamp on photos
👉 Watermark Camera with Date and Time Stamp
👉 Automatically Watermark photos with DateTime stamp camera
👉 Instant Auto Stamping App!

With custom photo stamp template, add personalized stamps to bring your Time stamp photos to life! Don’t let those precious moments fade away with time! This Photo Stamper will Add timestamp to photos when picture is captured using app’s Camera with date and time stamp!

Some inviting features of this Date Timestamp app:

Date and time stamp Type

Add custom stamps of either current Date and time stamp on photos OR custom Date Timestamp to make your photo gallery more alluring! 😄

Adjustable Photo Size

Before you freeze it in a flash with this date and time camera app, adjust the size of Timestamp photo with different resolutions.

Font Color

Make sure your personalized photo stamp standout in the image! In this Auto Stamp App, change the font color & then add Date and time stamp on photos.

Font Position

Keep moment stamp moving with variant photos using this date and time camera so that, the Custom stamps don’t hide anything in background. Choose an apt Date stamp template position before you add timestamp to photos:
✍ Top Left
✍ Top Right
✍ Bottom Left
✍ Bottom Right

Application Name Toggle
ON/OFF toggle to add #MomentStamp tag on the Gallery Photos or on image that captured with this date camera!
Tip: Keep this date and time camera app running in background!

Stamp Template

The exciting part of this Date Stamper is here, which shall do a makeover when you add date stamp template to watermark photos. In this time stamp photos app, there are more than 25 gorgeous time and date stamp template available.


👉 Custom Format to Add timestamp on photos

Choose date and time format from this Timestamp photo app & add it on your favorite picture.
12 hours format
24 hours format

👉 Custom Date Stamp Format

Select your preferred date and time format from this Date Stamper app, to make date stamp photos & your Photo Gallery more attractive.

🎁 How to add time stamp on photos using this Auto Stamp App?

✔ Once you install “Custom Stamps Date TimeStamp Camera: Moment Stamp” App, you’ll have two choices:
1) Camera Images, 2) Gallery Photos.
✔ Change aspect ratio from top left corner of a watermark camera screen.
✔ Change time and date stamp template or customize other features from “HOME” icon on the top right corner of the timestamp camera screen.
✔ Set Personalized stamps’ font color, position & choose your favorite DateTime stamp template to watermark photos.
✔ Now go back to date camera app & check the auto date and time stamp on photos!

Simply install Custom Stamps Date TimeStamp Camera: Moment Stamp App to check out all amazing Date and time stamp template NOW!

Have a look at a set of Date stamp photos above - difference between plain images (without Personalized stamps) & watermark photos marked with our time and date stamp app?


Wed Dec 1969
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Mon Jun 2020
Custom Stamps Date TimeStamp Camera: Moment Stamp

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