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Cooking Game Fever - Baking CupCake Maker
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Baking CupCake Maker is one in all the foremost admired change of state game with countless fans.

Have fun and play this change of state game for women by selecting five completely different recipes of change of state Game Fever - Baking cake Maker game:

How to play:

Choose your favorite flavor 1st, and drag all the ingredients into the blending bowl. Then choose four coloured cups you prefer into the mould and fill them. After that, you would like to place them in kitchen appliance, wherever you furthermore mght ought to management the time to not burn them.
All right, it is time to decorate! lots of things, like cream topnotch, sprinkles and candies area unit all ready for you! As everything is finished, you actually ought to reward yourself for your glorious and arduous work! Click the "Eat" button to end it before the time ends!

Of course, you'll additionally submit your extraordinary work to attend our greatest Cookings Contest. simply faucet the camera icon then click the "Contest" button underneath the image.
No time to waste, we'll leave you to relish the wonderful game!

Here we've got everything you'll would like. With them, you'll create a straightforward one at intervals one minute, or if you wish, hours will be dedicated to create it awing and lovely.
Oh, nearly forget, let's take an image, then it is your decision to either keep it privately roll, or share it with family and friends to let others admire your works.
It's the solely place to indicate your unlimited creativity! We'll meet you within the game, shall we?

Like cake or the change of state Game Fever - Baking cake Maker lover?
Download the free fun game—Cooking Game Fever - Baking cake Maker, you'll become the cook, and start to style and beautify your own cake and baby cake, then bake it, a gorgeous cake is completed.

Wanna have something delicious? come back on, however might you miss our change of state Game Fever - Baking cake Maker ?
Apparently individuals love uptake delicate food, however undoubtedly creating one thing delicious is a lot of pleasant. currently we provide you the best thanks to produce your own cake of no matter flavor you prefer, and beautify it in any method as you want.

Cupcake Fever features:
☆ place all types of delicious ingredients along into the pan.
☆ ample cute and trendy cups for you to decide on.
☆ several room tools, electrical mixer/oven et al.
☆ specialise in cupcakes once baking them.
☆ beautify your tasty cake with candy, lollipop, sprinkles, ice cream, strawberry, cookie and alternative delicious ingredients.
☆ style your cake box with several stunning ornaments
☆ an excellent deal of birthday cards and toys may be used, once you end the change of state, take a photograph and share them along with your friends!

✅ Sweet colourful cake
✅ Sweet Vanilla cake
✅ kitchen appliance recent cake
✅ Cute Heart cake
✅ Creamy Cupcakes


Wed Dec 1969
Unity 3D Games
Current Version
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Tue May 2018
Cooking Game Fever - Baking CupCake Maker

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