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REAkT: Brain Test

David Johansson

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Are you quick enough? Challenge your friends online, or test and improve your own reaction speed, endurance and reflexes. This is not an ordinary reaction test but rather an entertaining and useful game with lots of features to train your brain!
REAkT is a really unique take on reflex based games. It’s challenging, quirky, well designed, and most of all, well timed!
Your task is to tap the button at the right moment when it changes from blue to green. You need to be quick with fast reflexes and persistent reaction speed to get action points, and A LOT of points if you're really good! You will also get nice achievements when you reach certain goals. If you should miss at green and tap blue instead you'll lose some of your points. Also when least expected the button will trick you by taking the shape as a skull. If you then hit the button it's Game Over!

As longer you survive the faster and more difficult the game will be. The rules are designed, not only to bring you points based on your speed, but also to encourage self-improvement. Maybe you get frustrated at first but your brain will quickly adapt and improve. Do you have good reflexes and can hold your points long enough to bring Your name to the leaderboard?

Features that make REAkT an addictive reaction game:
♦ Single player mode to test & train your own brain and reflex speed
♦ Two player mode to challenge your friends for a reaction duel
♦ Multi-player mode with random opponent or by friend invitation allows you to play with anyone online
♦ Lots of Achievements when you reach certain goals
♦ Your own rank is updated after each play to reflect global high score position
♦ Online high-score lists to show the most skilled players
♦ High resolution graphics for both phones and tablets
♦ Background music and custom sounds with a retro style influence
♦ Tricks your brain

You'll get surprised how your brain is tricked by hitting this Button! It's easy to play and with clever timing and score system to keep you and your friends entertained. If you react fast enough over several times in a row you'll also have your bonus multiplied. That is how you really start to collect the higher points. The secret to master this game is to find your personal and optimal pace. If you try to be quicker than your brain allows then you will lose points instead.
REAkT is definitely one of those games that will challenge and frustrate you.
There is one leaderboard for highest score in single player and another table for most wins in multiplayer mode. That means both modes have its own ranking system. Add the achievements to that and you'll get your rewards whatever mode you choose to play in! Do you feel ready for a test?

For REAkT news and updates, feel free to follow:
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/reaktgame
Google+ Page: https://plus.google.com/109203314212638693371

Contact, feedback and support: reaktgame@outlook.com


Mon Sep 2014
David Johansson
500 - 1,000
Current Version
4.0.3 and up
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Mon Sep 2014
REAkT: Brain Test

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