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Decibels Sound Level Reader app turns your device into a professional noise meter, sound meter and noise detector which exactly measures the noise complaint issues, sound pressure level (SPL) nearby you. 
Decibels sound level reader also as sound reader level meter, decibel (dB) meter, noise meter, and sound pressure level (SPL) meter app which designed with lot of passion and has been tested on multiple android device platforms.
If you need to measure sound levels or noise complaint issues we offer you the sound meter and noise detector app which detect noise in decibels SPL so install this decibels sound level reader app now and protect yourself and your family from destructive noise.
Every day, we meeting a diversity of sounds that vibrate, thrill and ring at safe noise sound reader levels. This app is sensibly tested and standardized for most devices.
Though people of all ages and all walks of life sometimes risk contact to destructive noises that damage the sensitive structure of the inner ear that’s why we have a good mobile decibel sound lever reader and meter app for you that raise a red and yellow signal when you enter situations that reach noise levels high enough to contribute to hearing problems.
Decibels sound level reader and sound level meter app will show a decibel value by measuring the environmental noise, to display measured dB values in various forms.
The accuracy is matching with real SPL devices to protect you and your family's health, detect the decibels sound value now.
With decibels sound level reader app you are able to measure sound exposure level (SEL) as well as equivalent continuous sound level (LEQ).
This is high performance and easy to use noise meters, sound level meter app for accurate and compliant noise measurement. The decibels sound level reader app is ideal for Noise at work, Industrial hygiene, construction and entertainment noise measurement. 
Decibels Sound level reader app is a comprehensive sound level meter and noise detector that will display max and minimum dB levels so now you can view and know how much actually the sound noise around you is compared to the circle.
Features of Decibels Sound Level Reader App:
⭐ Measure the volume of sounds using your phone.
⭐Indicates decibel by circle.
⭐The accuracy is matching with real SPL devices.
⭐ Display the current noise situation.
⭐Show minimum, average and maximum dB value.
⭐Decibels meter solve your noise complaint issues.
⭐Background measurement and very friendly user interface.
⭐The frequency response of the sound level meter id is very good.

Please note the function of our app is to use your phones inbuilt sound mic to temporarily measure the sound level pitch. Do not use at dangerous sound levels.

Thanks for using our App.


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