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TempoMaster: GPS Speedometer/Odometer & Car Finder

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Easily avoid speed-related incidents with TempoMaster!

TempoMaster is an offline GPS speedometer that displays in realtime your current car speed and the maximum allowed speed for that zone. Many navigational apps don't have speedometers included (i.e. Google Maps), thus TempoMaster is an excellent addition that helps you respect the law and avoid any radar fees.

It integrates perfectly with other navigational maps as it can be shown overlayed on top of other apps. The realtime data is provided by OpenStreetMap (OSM) and you can also make direct edits in the private Database from TempoMaster. Can be started offline and even via Bluetooth.


»Display of the currently driven speed
»Display of the maximum permissible speed
»Comparison of the two speeds
»GPS Speedometer and odometer
»Display either digital or analog / digital
»Car finder
»GPS Speedometer/Odometer is very accurate
»Evaluation of the comparison of the two speeds
»Speed indicator in green, yellow, red
»The app works offline while driving
»Additional start of another app possible
»various display variants
»Overlay or full screen
»usable worldwide
»automatic start/stop with Bluetooth
»GPX tracking
»GPX files of the last 20 rides available
»GPX export manually or by email (own GMail account)
»Map with all danger zones (e.g. speed camera, radar stations) in the OSM
»Find a parked vehicle
»Location transfer with prepared SMS
»Optional acoustic warning
»Warning when exceeding the tolerance limit
»Warning when falling below the tolerance limit
»Tolerance limit arbitrary selectable
»Announcement of the permissible maximum speed
»Never again search the car with the Car Finder

High Speed Databases

»OSM database, data download directly in the app
»Germany, Austria, Switzerland (DACH) weekly new
»Evaluation of the tags maxspeed, maxspeed:forward, maxspeed:backward
»Updates are only possible with free access to the OSM service
»Otherwise, the status of the database remains unchanged
»Update other countries with additional tool
»Download additional tool on the homepage (with instructions)
»Data transfer with integrated FTP module
»Private database for own limit storage
»Storage directly while driving
»These points can also be deleted or changed

Restrictions after 14 days of trial

»Tolerance until the warning is fixed at 5 km/h
»Scaling of the overlays fixed at 100%
»Announcement the maximum speed is eliminated
»Update the OSM data only possible with additional tool
»The additional tool is available free of charge
»Manual mode with private database is eliminated
»Some display variants removed
»Car finder disabled
»Additional functions (see above) deactivated
»GPS Speedometer and odometer always stays active

These restrictions are eliminated in the pro version. This can be purchased in the setup menu.

We’d love to hear from you so leave a review and tell us what can I do to make this the best GPS App!

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Wed Dec 1969
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Wed Dec 1969
TempoMaster: GPS Speedometer/Odometer & Car Finder

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