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Hidden Object Easter Egg 2019

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Hidden Object Easter Egg 2019.

Welcome to a wonderful world of Easter Egg! Yes, it’s almost the spring holiday again! Be happy and feel happy this Easter.
Step into secret world of hidden objects and embark on a unique journey colored with Easter tradition.Look for Easter secret along with Easter Bunny on your side with just the tip of your finger and have as much fun as you can! Easter hidden objects will keep you entertained for hours and hours but also remember to enjoy in beautiful design of Easter garden! Embark on a great adventure along with Easter bunny in this egg hunt mini game.If you like tradition, mystery and cute design –look no further because this is the game for you!

Will you match the butterflies, cookies and spring flowers into a blast of candy?

Discover all sorts of mysteries lying in this spring garden with the highest excitement that a hidden object game can provide! Hidden Object Easter Egg 2019 is a FREE mystery game designed to take you to beautiful worlds where you can seek and find for hidden objects.Are you ready to discover what that Easter mystery is? In this hidden object world full of magic try to seek and find all mystery items and hunt down all Easter eggs cleverly places so you could have a tons of fun on your Easter adventure in our newest and totally free game called Hidden Object Easter Egg 2019 !

Download this Easter game completely FREE and enjoy in secrets and mystery of Hidden Object Easter Egg 2019 ! Explore the Easter garden and enjoy in this unique spring cleaning by collecting hidden objects through-out the game! Eggs, Easter Bunny and hidden objects, what can you ask more? Just seat back and enjoy in this beautiful and mystery adventure. Hidden Object Easter Egg 2019 is a perfect combo of Easter tradition, fun, adventure and mystery! Feel free download this Easter hidden object game and set yourself on an adventure along with Easter bunny that will help you in this hidden egg hunt! Even though this Easter hidden objects mini game is casual and cute, it holds one great mystery!

Explore Easter with Egg Hunts, Chocolate Bunnies, Easter Candy Baskets, Spring Gardens, Chicks, Lambs, Flowers and Rabbits. Search through Easter and Spring Holiday Gardens collecting and finding 2000+’s of Objects! Collect the surprise eggs on the beautiful world, use powerful boosters in the Easter games for free and help the Easter bunny with his rabbit family as a sweeper.

Enter our magical garden to seek and find these stunning hidden items! Since this is a game powdered with tradition spirit, you can enjoy it with the whole family! Play it with your kids, grandchildren, nephews and nieces, brothers and sisters or kid neighbour and entertain them while they are learning! So feel free to embark on a mystery adventure with Easter bunny and begin your hidden egg hunt now! This Easter garden holds many secrets and one great mystery of Easter hidden objects. Can you find out which one is that?

This is one of those brain games that will simply grab your attention for a long time and keep you entertain for hours and hours! Practice your brain and keep it sharp, try to beat the most vicious opponent out there – yourself, by beating the clock and completing every scene faster and faster. Thriller of egg hunt, excitement of Easter, mystery and surprise is right in front of you! So step into this magic Easter garden and begin your mystery adventure, unique egg hunt experience, with Easter bunny right at your side.

Hidden Object Easter Egg 2019 features:

Gorgeous, Crisp Easter Graphics
3 Game Modes- Traditional, Chill, Adventure
Exciting Levels/Scenes of Hidden Object Puzzles
Artistically Crafted Levels
Zoom to Find Objects
Find Objects by Picture, Word, or Collector
Challenge Scenes with Missing Letters, Scrambled Words and Bonus Objects
Timed Challenges and Hints
2000+ Objects


Wed Dec 1969
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Fri Jul 2019
Hidden Object Easter Egg 2019

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