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Stocks & Futures Trading Ideas


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Wavemetric is continuously evolving with new features and resources in its pockets. The app now partners with Zerodha, one of the leading financial service companies in India. With seamless integration between the two platforms, Zerodha Trading clients can directly trade from the app now—so always stay ahead and never delay in making winning trades. <br>Also, Wavemetric have added wallet for points purchasing and ticket generation system to be more helpful to the users. <br>


WaveMetric is your go-to app to the best trading tips. The app offers you well-researched stock market, commodities and Forex trading ideas, derived from the in-depth expert analysis of Bharat Jhunjhunwala, a CMT, CFTe, and MSTA.

Trading Can Be Easy—If You Want It to Be

Trading stocks, commodities and currency doesn't have to be uncertain affair—not even if you're a market rookie. The internet is filled with countless rags-to-riches stories, courtesy of trading. And none of them made money by 'shooting in the dark'.

Their simple secret has always been very simple, in fact—they had the right professional help by their side that offered share trading tips free and assisted them make right decisions with well-researched trading ideas.

Trade with right strategy and expert

The trading scene has changed significantly over the years. Sure people take on big losses every day. But they are also the ones who invest and trade with no strategy and expert help, and are simply clueless about how to trade in Forex, commodities and stock market. Don't be one of them!!!

What is WaveMetric?

WaveMetric is an app that every trader – the newbies and experienced ones alike – wish to have by their side. We are your ultimate trading partner on who you can rely on to make quick, efficient and researched trading decisions.

Catering the stock market, commodities and Forex, we offer a range of services; right from trading calls in stocks cash segment, stock futures, stock options, commodities and currency to offering training in technical analysis.

WaveMetric highlights 10 years of market experience. We make use of the best techniques and tools like RSI, Candles, Bollinger Bands, MACD and Time Cycles to deliver you with complete precision.

NOTE: This app doesn't facilitate trading.

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."

WaveMetric believes in educating people so that they are well adept to make right and informed decisions for themselves. We offer extensive educational and informative material to the clients to help them understand the market and get an edge in the trading business.

So learn how to trade in currencies, Forex and stock market easily—and quickly.

We offer training in technical analysis that covers everything from Fibonacci Retracement, psychological indicators, and MACD to Pivot Points Trading, Candlestick Patterns and stop loss strategy.

Our client support system is acclaimed and ensures the personalized information about the current market trends and conditions are conveyed to the traders with unparalleled promptness and efficiency via Instant Messaging, E-mails, and SMSs.

Some FAQs

To sum up, here are few of the Frequently Asked Questions:

1.What is WaveMetric?
WaveMetric is an app – and a service provider – that provides clients with high-quality, well-researched trade ideas in all market segments. The app is updated every day before markets open trades.

2.Who should download this app?
Everyone looking to make right trading decisions in stock market, commodities and Forex. The app offers best option analysis and stock advise for trading.

3.Why to download this app?
This powerful app packs everything to keep the traders ahead. To keep you updated and help you make informed decisions, it offers daily weekly monthly and yearly analysis, as well as latest info Indian & global stock commodities markets and technical analysis videos on mobile, among many other features.

4.What services WaveMetric offers?
WaveMetric offers a wide range of services under single roof, including stock advise for investment, trading calls in stock cash segment, stock futures, stock options, index options, commodities, currency.

For more information about our services, please visit here http://wavemetric.com

NOTE: By using this App, you're agreeing to our Terms and Conditions as mentioned on our website http://wavemetric.com


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Stocks & Futures Trading Ideas

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