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dBee is a cloud database.

The app allows you to administer your dBee hosted cloud relational database from your android device.
You can create a new free database direct from the app.

dBee is versatile.
dBee is a full stack solution contained within a single user interface.
You can use it to store data on the web.
This data can be accessed and updated from multiple web enabled devices or from the app.
You can embed your finished databases in client websites and update them from the app.
You can create your own stand alone micro websites with their own custom url directly from within dbee.
You can create custom data driven html components and embed or deploy them over the web.
You can import and deploy pre built 3rd party components.
Using the Recordset API you can read and write data and create custom queries.
You can upload and manage support files; images, scripts etc. from within the filesystem database.
You can share your online databases with other users.

dBee is small and fast.
dBee is lightweight and fast and should work satisfactorily on small mobiles over 3g or even 2g networks.

dBee would be suitable for the following applications:
It can be used where the time and complexity of setting up a LAMP or msSQL/ASP system seems prohibitive.
It can be used as a rapid development environment to prototype parts of larger systems.
It can be used to create dynamic components on otherwise static websites with a simple custom user interface.
It can be used to create and deploy simple websites very rapidly.
It can be used instead of Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal databases where these systems seem over constrained.

dBee can also be used as a learning tool:
Set up in minutes and learn to programme in html, javascript, css and sql with some basic templating thrown in.
Javascript and css are scoped to the component where they are used, simplifying coding.
The dBee interface is designed to be as 'transparent' as possible, making the coding experience 'close to the metal'.
Any experience gained writing code in dBee should be transferable to other coding environments.

dBee contains its own sql compiler.
dBee uses jsSql, a sql engine written in javascript.
It uses standard sql syntax for all sql commands.
Sql functions are written using javascript syntax (LCASE(columnname) becomes columnname.toLowerCase() for instance).
All javascript function types are supported including Math functions.
You can create custom sql functions.
You can create data tables, queries, components and deploy them without needing to learn to manage online sql databases or learn a third party language such as PHP or ASP.

jsSql is a relational database and supports:
inner, left, right and cross joins.
update, insert and delete queries.
aggregate queries.
sql scripts.

dBee supports multiple datatypes.

dbee supports html5 datatypes
fsimage (filesystem image),

You can also create custom datatypes.

dBee allows a high level of customisation.
database objects can have custom javascript, css as well as customisable html.

dBee is free and currently offered as a Beta release.
The beta release is not function limited in any way.
Production versions will require a contribution to the costs of running the server, it is anticipated that this will be a fairly minimal charge.
There will probably always be a free version but this is likely to be function and or size limited.
Beta testers who have significantly contributed to the project will receive a free upgrade to the production version when available.


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dBee (beta)

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