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Daily Expenses License

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+ Send backups and reports to Google Drive. <br>+ Recover backups of Google Drive and Dropbox from your application. <br>+ Calculator for basic operations. <br>+ Available XLS format. <br>+ Function to change the colors of the application is finished. <br>+ New function for automatic backups. <br>


This is the license that activates all functions PRO of Daily Expenses, works in version 2 and 3. It is necessary to keep installed either of the two versions of Daily Expenses on the device along with this license.

Only one payment is made when you buy the license, no monthly or annual payments, no fee will be charged. The license entitles you to all updates are made to the application, if you change your device, you should only register the device with the same Google account you had before, and without any charges you can download this license again.

Daily Expenses 2 - Eliminates advertising, allows you to export your reports and list of movements, access to create and modify accounts. You can access to reports by category, agenda and budgets. Create and retrieve backups of Dropbox, Google Drive and Gmail.

Daily Expenses 3 - Eliminates advertising, allows you to export your reports or list of movements, you can add more accounts or modify those that already have. You can use the ageda, budgets and trends by category, access to more themes. Create and retrieve backups of Dropbox, Google Drive and Gmail.


Tue Oct 2016
Michel Carvajal
50,000 - 100,000
Current Version
2.3.3 and up
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Mon Feb 2015
Daily Expenses License

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