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Version 1.4: <br>* Fixed an RSS link <br>* We added 2 new feeds and removed two others that are incompatible <br>* Many more changes under the hood! <br>* Do you like the app? Rate and review it through our new dedicated button at the bottom of the menu! <br>


For those who love staying up to date on everything that is happening in Cyprus!

We have created "Cypriot News RSS" to provide Cypriots with an easy and convenient way to stay informed about news in the island.

We have integrated the most popular news sources in the country - news web portals, sites of newspapers, TV channels and radio stations.

All these sources will directly load their news in your device, the moment the news are published on their respective websites by using a feature called RSS Feeds.

RSS feeds provide a fast and reliable way to view news, avoiding loading large websites and spending too much time and data trying to load many different website pages.

The RSS feeds included will show the news in a simple yet powerful view, allowing for the user to read the summary and check the associated image before they commit to reading the whole story. Obviously, this helps users spend less of their cellular network data and way less time as compared to loading each website separately! And do not forget, the app has many different news sources - you will be amazed at how fast this app will help you find out about news, when compared to how you used to surf the news in the past!


* Many news sources means reliable information
* Save time and data
* Get informed fast, through a single app
* Small size, powerful features!
* Easy to use for everyone
* Android 2.3 and up
* Free app!

Kindly let us know if you have comments or criticism. We want to hear of your feedback! Just send us an e-mail.


Fri Jan 2018
Gryphu Lord
100 - 500
Current Version
4.0 and up
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Everyone 10+
Fri Aug 2016
Cypriot News RSS

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