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Version 1.1: <br>We have a nice surprise for you! <br>We have adopted Material Design for the app, which means way more modern-looking design and functionality. <br>The app now has a drawer at the left side, you can slide to the right to see all included content! <br>* Fixed RSS feeds links <br>* Added 2 new feeds <br>* Serious changes in the way the feeds load and display content <br>* Added an option to rate and review the app if you like it <br>


"Britain News Live" is an app which will provide people who come from the United Kingdom with an easy to use tool to surf the news from many different news sources through one single interface.

We have collected the nation's most popular news networks and we have added them all in a simple, compact and easy to use application. We are actually using an innovative feature which is called RSS feeds to provide ease of access and fast news browsing to the users.

What is an RSS feed?

RSS feed is a convenient way to load the news of a particular website, but without visiting the website directly - instead, we load the feed and what we see is see rows of news articles, with associated images, a summary of the story as well as a link to the full article, which we can follow if we are interested.

As you might understand, when you see all news in rows, you will have an easy time deciding what you are interested in reading and what you can ignore.

As explained before, "Britain News Live" incorporates many different RSS feeds! So you can load any of them and surf the news at your own convenience, without having to load the complete websites, which usually are too heavy and too clustered to provide an easy news surfing experience. Moreover, you can surf the news even from abroad so you can always stay in touch with things happening at home.

The app loads the news the same moment they appear in the respective websites, and sorts them by age - the latest ones shows in the top of the list. And you can expect to find all kinds of news - politics, economy, business, lifestyle, sports, society, etc. Everything is available at the tips of your fingers!


* Many news sources means reliable information about things happening in Britain
* Save time and data
* Get informed fast, through a single app
* Small size, powerful features!
* Easy to use for everyone
* Android 2.3 and up
* Free app!

Kindly let us know if you have comments or criticism. We want to hear of your feedback! Just send us an e-mail. You can also suggest more news sources from India to add in a future update.


Thu Feb 2018
Gryphu Lord
10 - 50
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4.0 and up
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Sun Aug 2016
Britain News Live

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