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Monster Doctor - Dressup Girl Salon

Princess Games Studio

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This is a girls' game & casual game & fashion game!

Monster Hospital is free interactive kids game. Our games for kids are the perfect combination of fun and learning!

It was an excellent game which becoming very popular surgery games and kids like to play it. So, we are coming here another excellent surgery game concept called "Monster Doctor"

The village was cursed by a black witch. People there turn to be monsters and only magic doctor can rescue them.

Let your kids try this game for fun and knowledge. The Monster Hospital - Free Kids Game have 3 Mini games for kids to play. Now it’s your chance to be a fabulous doctor to save them in crisis. Help them back to normal people through medical tools and plastic surgery. Join the game right now Their lives are in your hand!Your kids will learn about medical care and enjoy child doctoring.Kids will get funny experience through this game and also get some basic surgery tips of hand. In short kids will learn with fun.

"The sick monster, while sad, are adorable and so appreciative of your child's doctoring. This is a great kids app to play before heading off to your next doctor's appointment."
"Easy, intuitive game teaches young kids medical care basics.Overall, this is a cute app for simple learning fun."
"I really liked that this game has your child take care of the patient from the time they enter the door to the time that they are well."
"Who knows, someday your child may even look back on this app as the inspiration for their decision to become a doctor or a veterinarian.

Main features of the game:

* Injection is used to be done in pill form, or through it
* Shower is used to remove clay or any dust from injury.
* Dryer is used to suck the water and kill small germs by its warm air.
* Germs killer is used to kill the germs with animating way with attractive sound
* Pus remover is used to remove pus.
* Cotton is used to remove a blood and remove wounds.
* Ice is used for remove swelling
* X- ray is used to scan your toe.
* Painkiller-Spay is used to relief from toe pain.
* Colorful and funky bandage for your injury.
* Cream facility for saving your toe and nail from infection.
*Plaster is used to recover your Toe to be as before injury and the funny thing in it is you can do colorful paint over the plaster.

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Girls Plastic Surgery monster hospital

So, download this heart throbbing kids game free and make your child happy.


Fri Sep 2017
Princess Games Studio
Current Version
4.0.3 and up
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Mon Apr 2018
Monster Doctor - Dressup Girl Salon

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