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Anyoption was launched in 2008 and since then it has marked its prominence in the binary options trading industry. Anyoption is owned by the registered company Ouroboros investment firm and is a member of ICF (Investors Compensation Fund), and European Securities whereas Markets Authority supervises its operation. Anyoption trading platform has been trusted by thousands of loyal traders around the globe.

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Outstanding Features

Let us see some of the exclusive features and products of anyoption that makes it a genuine pioneer in the binary options trading sector.

  • User Interface

Anyoption is powered by the slogan “anyone can trade” and this is absolutely right in the sense as it has got a simple and user-friendly interface. Even if you are a novice in the trading market then also you can trade using this self-explanatory platform. The instructions are easy to follow, and they make sure to give you the best support while you trade on this platform.

  •  Live Data

The live page provides you with the streaming of data showing the actual investments of different traders around the world. This will give you an idea for investing in the options and opting for put or call options on the trades. However, the website does not reveal any personal information of the traders.

  • Control your Account and Customize Profit

Before placing a trade, you can pick up the asset and its expiry time and thus control your account by customizing the risk/reward ratio. You can change the values of profit and returns for reducing the payouts size. This strategy is very valuable for the novice brokers as they can experiment with the options for gaining the confidence. Even if your prediction for the trade goes wrong and the option expires “out of money” then also you will get a refund of 15% of your original capital.

  • Know the Exact Expiry Levels

At anyoption, traders can get the exact expiration calculation and know the expiry quotes of each asset in real time.  The main information provider of these real-time quotes is Thomson Reuters so you can know the expiry levels and trade like a professional trader.

  • Bubbles

This is a newly added feature of anyoption platform and for beginners, it is more direct and understandable. By using bubbles, operators can make their own binary option with their mouse. The circular bubble is adjusted by moving the mouse, and the place and shape of the bubble will determine the duration and the price of the trade.

  • Option+

Using Option+ platform traders can close and sell their binary options or wait until the expiration. You just need to click the “GET QUOTE” button on the screen near the option you like to choose.

  • Dynamics

Dynamics is a new product added to the anyoption platform. This has several enhanced features which are beneficial for both the novice and the advanced traders. If you are willing to take more risk but in a controlled way then you can expect returns of more than 1000%. This is highly dynamic as the option value does not change but the returns are dynamically changed as per the current price of the asset.

  • One-Touch Option

The target level is selected by the traders and in this trade, within the chosen period of time, the asset price must at least reach the predetermined level.

  • Roll Forward

Traders can extend the expiry time to the expiry time that is nearest available. So if the operators find that the expiration of their options are out-of-the-money then by paying the premium amount they can extend the expiry time to the nearest available expiry time.


  • Anyoption platform is simple to understand, and you can select the asset from the various tradable assets having a broad range of expiry times.
  • It supports various languages, and different currency pairs and some of these include USD, EUR, RUB, and GBP.
  • If your trade goes “out of money” then also this platform offers 15% moneyback.
  • Excellent customer service including callback and email support that helps to resolve the problems of traders within no time.


  • Due to different regulation authorities, anyoption is no longer available for the US traders.
  • The bonuses and rewards are not shown on their sites although they give anyoption bonuses to the initial deposits.
  • Paying-out returns are in between 65-80% which is less as compared to the other trading platforms.
  • Demo account is absent.


Anyoption is an honest and genuine trading platform that gives its traders a smooth and uncomplicated trading experience. Though it does not provide lucrative bonuses but with ample of supportive features the novices are given the opportunity to divide risk and earn a lot of profits from trading. This platform is highly recommended if you want to make a successful trading portfolio like a professional trader.

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