How to publish / promote your Android App for FREE?

The trend for publishing Android Apps on Play Store and other alternative stores is in fashion nowadays. However, not many app developers have sufficient amount of money to invest and promote their Android app in the market. The tips to publish and promote your Android app for free can be listed as follows-

Firstly, to publish Android app, one needs to find an app store that can attract a good number of app installers every minute or every second. There is nothing better than Google’s Play Store but alternatives like Amazon app store and Androidappania are some of the better alternatives compared to many others. By publishing apps on these stores for free, the chances of getting installs are a lot higher compared to other free app stores.

The second stage is to promote the app to ensure more and more installs take place and ultimately there are conversions. Most people shall suggest ideas that will involve significant amount of investment, however, the list below will help in free app promotion -

  1. Connect with your former customers

The best way to learn about the app is to connect with former and potential customers. Seek feedback, learn about the pros and cons from the eyes of consumers and potential consumers. If possible reward them with some coupons, discount vouchers, etc., to seek more and more genuine feedbacks.

  1. Promote the app on the website

Website of the app or app developing company is a very important medium for communication. Having new or latest updates floating on the site with respect to the app builds curiosity and ensures more and more people are looking forward for the app.

  1. Communicate with your existing contact

Many app developers fail to inform their existing clients or customers about the availability of the app. This can be done in the easiest manner by an email. This email shall contain a link to the app store where the potential user could download the app. Spreading the news about the app is always good and drafting a personal mail to the existing bunch of customers is a very good idea.

  1. A few demo-videos

Not everybody is an electronic literate and there might be some training necessary to begin usage of the most user-friendly services too. A demo video showcasing the properties of the app, usage, benefits and other aspects can prove very beneficial. An app developer should develop at least 2 or more videos educating the potential user about the app.

  1. Use all possible app stores

As discussed earlier, a listing of apps on Google Play store is the ideal scene, but one can also think about listing the apps on otheralternative app stores too. The traffic or target segment just multiplies by several times when an app developer decides to list the app in Google Play alternative stores. The visibility of the app and publicity also increases by several times.

In the free app promotion strategies, SEO plays a very important role. Considering sites like Androidappania that provide all-inclusive services apart from being a reliable app store can be a very good option.


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Dave Austin 1 day ago

As a Special Education teacher this resonates so well with me. Fighting with gen ed teachers to flatten for the students with learning disabilities. It also confirms some things for me in my writing.

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Hanna Wolfe 1 day ago

Love it Dave! We're all about keeping it up.

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Maria Muszynska 2 days ago

Since our attention spans seem to be shrinking by the day — keeping it simple is more important than ever.


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