Need more app installs? Publish your app at alternative app markets

What are app markets?

In simple terms, an app market is a place where a store lists an app and users avail the downloading facility from that store. There are many app stores while some are reputed already and have a default space in smartphones, while others create their own space based on demand or the kind of apps they host. It is always beneficial to publish Android app in different app markets to gain more installs and publicity for the app.

Logic behind the app market

The logic is simple, instead of selling your product/service, in this case, an app on only one platform, why not exercise all possible platforms to magnify the chances of app installs or to reach wider market segment by publishing the apps in several other app markets.

Alternatives to Google Play Store and Apple Store

Google Play Store and Apple Store are not the only free Android apps market available or popular in the app market industry. There are many other app markets that attract more installs and some are free too. Gaining visibility can be a tough task on big app markets like Play Store as there are tons and tons of apps in every category. Also, the categorization of apps based on their genre is not the best too. Also, considering the reputation these app stores host, there is a very rare chance of them promoting app installs.

Smaller app markets have loads of incentives on offer for the app installers and hence, eventually the app install, visibility, and publicity is a lot better in these app markets compared to the most reputed ones. This brings us back to the suggestion of using more and more alternative app store to get higher traffic and higher app installs.

What are the best options?

Androidappania is a newly launched app market that is gaining popularity. The best thing about this app store is that it has very well classified apps based on genre. Considering the less number of apps currently on the market, it would be relatively easier to site visibility at this stage. Visibility results in higher traffic and better conversions. The other benefit of Androidappania is the created by information, created on & updated on information, clear lengthy description, etc. These minute details make it a very good Google Play alternative.

Why try app markets?

There are many other established app markets like the Amazon app store or ApkMirror and so on that has been established already. These also have some benefits and demerits that should be taken into count. But practically, there is no harm in listing the apps in other app markets because experts estimate a hike of over 20% traffic and app install in other app markets compared to the Google Play Store.

What are the concerns?

The only concern when you publish Android app to other app market is piracy and malware. These two aspects can pose a serious threat to the app developing company’s image as well security of the potential customer. Hence, it is essential to select the app markets that are free of malware and have some policies in place that prevent piracy.

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